Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix (Dangerous or Good)

German Shepherd Husky Wolf Mix

Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix (Dangerous or Good)

German Shepherd Husky Mix dogs are considered popular for their extraordinary mixed characters of both the parents: furious and energetic German Shepherd and beautiful and affectionate Huskies. The cross between German Shepherd Husky Mix and a wolf, Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix comes out with some amazing features of both the parents.

  • Colors: Grey, Timber, White

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German Shepherd Husky Mix is the most famous dog worldwide, especially in America. They are famous for their affection, loyalty, and companionship, while the wolves are famous for their mysterious and wild nature. The combination of the traits of these two dogs makes a most legendary dog.

German shepherd husky wolf mix

Whilst there are many types of Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix, but the Saarloos wolf dogs are the most amazing of all. In this article, we are going to deal with 9 amazing things about this Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix that you must need to know about it before Adopting it.

wolf breed of shepsky mix

How Much is a German Shepherd Wolf Husky Mix?

The price for the dog breed depends upon the breeder, and as this breed is rare, the prices for it are a bit higher than that of other dog breeds. If you getting a little Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix puppy bred by an experienced breeder, it may cost you as much as $1000.

Also, the price for the breed also depends upon the average litter size of a German Shepherd’s eight puppies and wolf being four to six puppies respectively.

Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix White

German Shepherd Wolf Husky mix Breeding

Not all types of wolf dogs are bred with German Shepherd Husky for the reason of them having some extraordinarily fierce traits that are not preferred for domesticated dogs. There are only two types of wolf dogs that are bred with German Shepherd Husky and that are as follows:

  • Carpathian Wolf
  • Eurasian Wolf 

The wolfdogs are wild predatory species and have extremely strong hunting and ethical instincts. It is hard to handle domesticated dogs with the traits these wolfdogs have. This is the reason why these wolfdogs are not commonly bred with other dog species, and also because they find a hard time socializing with people and other animals in a man-made environment.

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Grey German-Shepherd-Wolf-Mix


This amazing dog comes with great mixed features of both the wolf and German Shepherd. Both the dogs have dominant and fierce characters, which this hybrid dog has too. Following are some of its characteristics that would help you know this dog even better:


This Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix comes with a maximum height of 24 inches and 120 lbs. of weight. This makes a great mix dog that has a significant size and is best to keep at home.

Life Span:

These dogs can live for up to 10-14 years maximum.


This mixed breed dog adapts to any space easily but it depends highly upon the type of training they get at a very early age from their owners. However, their amount of shedding and physical size is most convenient to place at a house that has a wide-open yard. Thus, these dogs are not fit for apartment living. Also, it is also recommended that these dogs should not be kept in warmer climates.

Timber Wolf German Shepherd


These dogs are known for their friendliness, loyalty and playfulness, provided that all their needs are being fulfilled. These are not good with pets and children at all, but can make good family members but keep their firm boundaries.

The fact that wolf dogs are not friendly and they are not easily socialized, so there is a trait of fierceness and non-friendliness in the hybrid type. It needs a lot of training, time, and patience in transforming them into friendly and socializing dogs.

Grooming Needs:

It is recommended to brush these pet dogs every other day. You should start grooming and socializing them from a very early age because these are generally not used to socialization.

Coat and Color:

These wonderful dogs are found in a wide range of colors: sable, black and tan, white, mottled grey (grey wolf German shepherd husky mix) red, and brown or timber wolf German shepherd husky mix. They are double-coated and the coat is generally of medium length.


These dogs, just like the other breed dogs are susceptible to many diseases and parasites. It is thus important to consult a vet to figure out what diseases are most common in this breed and what you can expect them to show off at a later age.


Wolf German Shepherd Husky MixBlack and White

As wolfdogs are not easy to train and this hybrid dog also inherits the quality of its wolf parent, that they require patience and a lot of time to train. Their non-friendly and wild nature makes it difficult for them to get socialized with people and other animals, so it is highly important that the trainer invests a lot of time and patience in training these dogs.

Physical Needs:

These breed dogs need at least 1-2 hours of exercise time daily. They are energetic and the energy needs to be diverted in physical exercise. If they do not exercise, they will get bored and destroy your furniture, start to howl, and chew things that come along their way.

Is Keeping a Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix a Good idea?

Is Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix a Good a dog?

Despite the fact that the Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix are illegal to own, they are not at all good to keep at home as pet dogs. There are a lot of reasons for this while the most important and significant is the highly energetic, wild, hunting, and fierce nature of wolf dogs that are cross-bred with the German Shepherd Husky Mix.

Even though both the wolf and dog species are cross-bred and the resulting breed has some striking traits of both of them, there are high chances that they have more wolf DNA than the other breed.

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Each puppy in the same litter might turn out to behave differently and have amazingly variant characters from one another: they can behave totally different from one another even being the puppies of the same mother.

These breeds of dogs behave completely unpredictably and can turn out to be wild and ferocious in nature. Their inability to properly socialize with people and other animals, and to adjust to a man-made environment keeps them from the preference of keeping as a domestic dog.

Also, the thing to consider about this wolf-dog breed is that how big they can grow. Their wild and ferocious nature along with their heavy size can make them not an easy pet to handle and thus it can turn out to be a danger not only for the owner but for other people.

However, no matter how big do German Shepherd wolf mix gets, and what their height, weight, size, age is if you really want to keep them with you as your companion, the best thing you can ever do is “train them well.” If you invest a lot of your time, energy, and mind in training these dogs with patience, you can somehow transform them into good companions that you can keep at home without any fear.


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