White German Shepherd Husky Mix – Everything You need to know

white german shepherd siberian husky mix

White German Shepherd Husky Mix – Everything You need to know

The White German Shepherd Husky Mix is a hybrid dog a mixture of two different purebred breeds (White German shepherd + Siberian Husky). This white German Shepherd husky mix does not disappoint you in any way. With its magnificent pure hue and a combination of exceptional qualities, this breed combines the finest of both the white German Shepherd and the Siberian husky. Mix these two breeds are also known as a Shepsky.

The majority of individuals choose a White Husky Mix Shepherd. This Breed is thought to be highly powerful and intelligent. On the Other Hand, the Siberian Husky Mix is a friendly breed ideal for families with children, his German Shepherd ancestors make him an excellent security dog.

White German Shepherd Husky Mix different eyes

History of White German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix

Although the Shepsky dog breed may have evolved spontaneously over time, designer breeders began purposefully combining German Shepherd and Siberian Husky in the 1990s, most likely in North America.

Breeders hoped to produce a super-hybrid working dog by combining the two parent breeds. As the demand for mixed-breed puppies grew, they continued to breed Shepskies. Even though the Shepsky breed began as a designer breed, some have usually ended up in shelters or at the hands of rescue organizations. If you decide this is the breed for you, think about white German shepherd husky mix adoption.

White shepsky puppy

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Parent Breeds of White Gerberian Shepsky

Siberian Huskies are a breed of dog native to Siberia. One of the parent breeds of the white German Shepherd is a medium-sized working dog, whereas the German Shepherd is a herding dog who enjoys working.

German Shepherd in White The Husky Mix breed is not widespread. The White Shepherd is mainly descended from white-coat lineages of the German Shepherd dog in Canada. The white German Shepherd Canine has had to fight hard to be recognized as a purebred dog breed. To create entirely white German Shepherd puppies, a planned and consistent breeding technique is required.

white german shepherd siberian husky mix
  1. Siberian Husky

One of the parent breeds of the white German Shepherd husky mix is the Siberian Husky. They are highly loyal and make excellent family dogs. Siberian Huskies are a lot of pleasure to work with.

Physical Characteristics of Siberian Husky:

  • Weight range: 35-60
  • Height range: 21-23
  • Coat: Thick with a medium length.
  • Color: Black to White & Black and White
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to15 Years
  1. German Shepherd

One of the most well-known and attractive breeds is the German Shepherd. They are often employed for a variety of physical activities such as running and chasing. They are incredibly devoted and affectionate, but when they become frustrated, they generally bark.

Physical Characteristics of German Shepherd:

  • Weight Range: 66 to 88 Pounds
  • Height Range: 24 to 26 inches
  • Color: sable and red and black
  • Life Expectancy: 9 to 13 Years

Temperament of White Shepsky

When it comes to white German Shepherd Husky mixes, they not only appear different, but they also have diverse personalities according to the qualities acquired from their parents. In general, the disposition of the German Shepherd Husky Mix is excellent. They are kind and gentle, inherited from the Husky, but loyalty and courage are inherited from the Shepherd. Husky, on the other hand, does not get along well with strangers. The combination strikes an ideal equilibrium.

When your white German Shepherd matures, it will guard you and your family against any dangerous action. White German Shepherd Husky Mix also provides you with affection, hugs, and lots of lovely moments to cherish for the rest of your life. They are also lovely with children and can coexist with other pets if socialized at an early age. When properly taught, the German Shepherd Husky hybrid breed is exceptionally bright and learns rapidly.

White Gerberian shepsky Temperament


As previously stated, a German Shepherd Husky can have the physical features of their Parents. It’s pretty uncommon for this mixed-breed dog to have two different-colored eyes.

These parent breeds’ dogs are well-built, active, and agile. White German Shepherd Husky mix typically have blue eyes. Blue eyes are prevalent in white Siberian Husky breeds. White German Shepherd Husky hybrids have a very fluffy coat that adds to their appealing appearance. These purebred dogs, like German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies, have a double coat. It has a solid topcoat and a warm layer of short-haired undercoat.

In chilly climates, the fur protects and keeps the dogs comfortable. During the summer, some of their furs will shed, keeping them cold in the warm temperatures. Overall, the coat of German Shepherd Husky hybrids is not only attractive but also practical.

Weight and Size:

Sizes will range from the smallest Siberian Husky to the most prominent German Shepherd. A Siberian Husky is a moderate dog that typically grows to be between 20 and 23 inches tall. On the other hand, a German Shepherd is classified as a giant breed and may reach heights of 22 to 26 inches. As a result, your White Husky German Shepherd Mix should stand between 20 and 26 inches in height.

all white german shepherd husky mix puppy

Siberian Huskies average weigh between 35 to 60 pounds, whereas German Shepherds are significantly larger, weighing between 49 to 88 pounds. So the weight of a White Husky German Shepherd Mix might range between 45 and 88 pounds. Because of the many-body sizes that depend on your hairy friend’s genetic background, there is a more significant variance in weight than in height. This might also be linked to the dog’s gender.


The hue of the German Shepherd and Husky Mix will be a mix of its parents’ colors, much like its height and weight. White and white-black are the most prevalent color pairings. Your German Shepherd and Husky Mix’s color is just a result of genetics.

white gerberian shepsky for sale


  • Excellent watchdogs: This trait was passed on to them from their parents. They might, however, be extreme barkers.
  • Intelligent: Because of their superior cognitive ability, they learn things faster than other breeds.
  • Loyal: They will always prioritize you above themselves.
  • Affectionate: Because they are loving, they are well-liked. Prepare to spend the entire day petting them.
  • Friendly: These dogs get along nicely with other pets and people. They have faith.
  • Dignified: These dogs may be naughty at times, but they are also quite polite.
  • Active and strong: They are active and require frequent training and
  • Exercise: They require at least one stroll each day.

Grooming Tips for White Gerberian Shepsky

Coat grooming:

Grooming a White German Shepherd Husky mix might be a complicated process, but we hope that these suggestions will assist you in grooming your dog. Shedding is a given with a furry German Shepherd Husky mix. This indicates you’ll have to groom your dog more frequently to keep the dense coat fresh and remove the dead hair. Because the coat is so fluffy, it quickly mats and tangles. To prevent matting, your dog must be groomed regularly.

Brush your White German Shepherd Husky mix at least three times each week. In addition, take your dog to a professional groomer every two months. Try to start grooming your dog at a young age, so they become accustomed to the practice. This will make life a lot easier for you and your dog, mainly if it’s a White German Shepherd Husky mix.


A White German Shepherd Husky mix smells like damp clothes that haven’t dried. Bathe your dog only when necessary. Use a Dog shampoo that will assist preserve their fur’s natural oils rather than a harsh one. Bathe your dog seldom since this might wash away the oils.

Ear Check:

Wax may accumulate in the ears of the White German Shepherd Husky mixes regularly. It would be best if you gently clean their ears with a puppy cleaning solution or cotton buds. This will maintain the inner ear clean and minimize smells in the ears.

When your dog is outside, he might pick up ticks. These ticks generally attach themselves to the dog’s ear. To decrease discomfort and the danger of illness, extract these parasites completely. If you are not comfortable with this procedure, you may always seek the services of a professional groomer.

Dental Hygiene:

Your White German Shepherd Husky mix’s oral hygiene is also an essential component of their grooming routine. To decrease the risk of dental problems, we recommend brushing your dog’s teeth at least twice a week. This dog also needs real organic food to maintain its gums clean and healthy.

Nail Grooming:

Ensure that your White German Shepherd Husky mix’s nails are clipped or trimmed regularly. This activity is frequently upsetting for the dog. Ask a professional groomer to show you how to clip or cut your dog’s nails correctly. If you are not comfortable doing this independently, you can hire a groomer to do it for you regularly.

White Gerberian Shepsky Mix with black eyes

Health Problems:

In general, hybrid dogs are healthier than purebred dogs. This is due to introducing new genes into the current pool, which strengthens and broadens it. Even a hybrid dog, such as a German Shepherd crossed with a Husky, might inherit health issues from one (or both) of their ancestors.

This hybrid has a Life Expectancy of 10 to 13 years and can acquire various health concerns throughout that time.

Exercise Needs:

Your dog requires some time off-leash. Dog parks and fenced-in yards are ideal for this. A Husky/German Shepherd mix who is allowed to play is satisfied. Playing also enhances the dog’s mind. When they do not receive enough exercise, they become bored and exhibit undesired behaviors. They will get increasingly irritated and utilize their intellect to do nefarious things about your house, including digging up, gnawing on furniture and other items, screaming incessantly, and attempting to flee.

Even if you’re exhausted, you must make time to exercise the dog. The Brain stimulation or Activities of your dogs require are determined by their drive and temperament. However, if they are more German Shepherd, they are more satisfied with sophisticated labor tasks; they like things that give them purpose.

New white german shepherd husky mix dogs

How Does White German Shepherd Husky Mix Interact With Other Pets?

Both the White German Shepherd Husky Mix and the Siberian Husky are suitable as household pets. When a German shepherd husky mix grows around other pets, they naturally become pretty friendly.

When it comes to white Siberian huskies, they are also OK with families and children, but they have a wild character. Siberian huskies have a high hunting drive for smaller creatures like mice, bunnies, and cats due to their wild heritage.

Puppies of White Shepsky

White German Shepherd Husky Mix pups are not challenging to get by. Since both breeds are popular, their pups are available all across the country. There are specific vital guidelines to follow if you want to bring home a healthy, happy new puppy.

White color German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy

Price for White German Shepherd Husky Mix

The price of a German Shepherd is often lower than that of a Siberian Husky. The cost of their combined progeny, on the other hand, varies. The typical cost of a Gerberian Shepsky puppy ranges from $400 and $1200, depending on the breeder.

The cost of a White German Shepherd Husky Mix fluctuates between $600 and $1,500. Be careful of any dog that appears to be too good to be true. It requires money to produce a healthy litter of pups from healthy parents. The cost of health screening, veterinarian care, vaccines, and flea and worming treatments all adds up.


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