Shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix

Shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix

Can you shave a German shepherd husky mix?

Most probably, you can’t shave them except for mental or health issues. As they are a double-coated dog breed, you can never shave them. However, you may think that they may look cool in shaving, but they give the worst appearance. 

Is it bad to shave a German shepherd?

Yes, it is very bad to shave a German Shepherd dog because shaving a dog can permanently damage their skin. So, it is very not suitable to shave them. 

No doubt the Shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix is ideal for breeding dogs because they are affectionate and resilient. If you love and take care of these dogs, then you may have come across husky and German shepherd mix puppies before.

Pressingly, you can say that this dog is a mixed breed between German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. In this manner, they are medium in height and are very energetic. Besides this, dogs are always faithful friends of their owners. That’s why people love to take care of dogs.

Moreover, this recognizable and ideal dog is all over the world. Well, it is the million-dollar question among the public that what is shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix? To get the answer in detail, all you have to do is to read this article thoroughly to understand better about these dogs. So, let’s have a deep look at all the important aspects of this recognized breeding of dogs.

How Can I Shave My German Shepherd Mix?

Information Table

The appearance of the dog Born with a long head, have a strong muzzle, almond-shaped eyes of dogs, pointy ears. 
Average height 20 to 26 inches. 
Average weight  35 to 88 pounds. 
Type of coat  The coating is double. It can be long, short or straight. 
Shedding type Moderate to a high point. 
Colour  The most common colours among these dogs are black and brown or white and black. 
Temperament  Very loyal, intelligent, powerful, active, friendly nature, words as a guard dog, dignified. 
Life span  The maximum life span of these dogs is 10 to 13 years. 
Diet They need food that is rich in protein like meat. 
Needs of training  They need a high level of training and need a lot of exercise for health maintenance. 

What is a shaved German Shepherd Husky mix?

Mainly, when you compare Cockapoo or Labradoodle dogs, you will find out that shaved German Shepherd Husky mix is on between them according to the point of appearance. However, it is not a recent example of cross-breeding but it becomes popular now just to attract the attention of the people. In this manner, there is no doubt in the fact that these dogs are in existence for a very long time.

Shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix

Just because of great intelligence and powerful characteristics, these dogs are very demanding among dog lovers. Besides this, they are very friendly and have a good temperament. On the contrary, when the point comes to the appearance of these dogs, let’s add that they have a wolf-like appearance. Thereby, the cool and attractive descent symbolizes the power and loyalty of these dogs. However, people consider that German Shepherd Shaved looks like a lion and they have great courage with good fighting skills.

Origin of Shepsky mix Breed

Pressingly, with a perfect combination of two loyal, powerful, and hard-working dogs, shaved black German shepherd proves a suitable cross-breeding and it is Alpha by nature. In this sense, it is not wrong to say that this dog is an all-in-one pooch. Thereby, it’s time to have a deep look at all the origin of parents of these dogs. 

German Shepherd: 

Chiefly, German Shepherd are very popular since the 1800s and they are popular due to their bravery. However, the first German Shepherd at the time of 1800s was Horand Von Grafrath and all the other German Shepherd were descended just because of him. In the initial days, these dogs were the dream of the American Army. After this, the breeding process of these dogs starts later in 1908’s and still it is going on. That’s why the German Shepherd is popular as the second most famous world canine. 

Siberian Husky: 

Undoubtedly, a German shepherd husky mix puppy for adoption is the best choice for pet lovers and professionals. However, the origin of Siberian Husky is from the Chukchi in the North-East areas. On the contrary, the coat and body of these dogs are suitable for cold weather conditions.

That’s why you can’t take care of them in normal conditions. So, you must make sure that you are taking care of them in the frozen areas. Besides this, these dogs are popular as the best racers of the words because a dog from this breeding won a race of 659 miles. When the point comes to the ranking, these dogs are at the 12 number among the most popular breeds in the world.

Grooming And Care For Your Gerberian Shepsky


Physical Characteristics of shaved Gerberian Shepsky: 

As you know that the puppies adopt the physical appearance of their parents in different cross-breeding. However, the growth process may vary from time to time because not all the puppies will be the same in their physical appearance. Besides this, some puppies adopt more characteristics of one parent than the other. In this manner, some puppies may inherit the same characteristics as their parents. However, there is no doubt in the fact that they are the cutest puppies. 

  • Size and weight: 

First of all, it is very important to know about German shepherd husky mix size, because every breed comes with different size and weight characteristics. To start, the average of these dogs is 20 to23 inches tall and the weight range 35 to 60 pounds, if you talk about average-sized German shepherd husky mix.

On the other side, the large-sized category of these dogs has a height of 22 to 26 inches tall and the weight range is 49 to 88 pounds. Thereby, these dogs have the mixed characteristics of their parents, according to height and weight.

  • Colors: 

Secondly, the German shepherd husky mix name shows that they have a strong appearance. Thereby, they have the darker shades mostly on their shin. Here, the main reason is the darker shades of the dogs mostly dominate over the lighter colors and people also like to get dogs in darker shades. However, there is a complete list of the color scheme of these dogs. 

  • White.
  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • Cream.
  • Golden.
  • Grey.
  • Pepper.
  • Red.

Characteristics of German Shepherd Husky Mix: 

Primarily, the German Shepherd Husky Mix Temperament is very bold and muscular. Besides this, they are healthy and powerful enough to fight with other dogs. Although, Gerberian dogs are very calm and gentle German Shepherd is a perfect fighter, racer, and loyal also. Here, all the temperamental characteristics of shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix are available there.

  • Active and playful: 

As you know that these dogs are very active, so it is very important to give them proper exercise. If you don’t pay much attention to the exercise and training of these dogs, then you will surely notice a negative impact it. Moreover, they will vegan to bark excessively and feel stressed. So, they need a long walk every day to increase the German Shepherd Husky Mix lifespan.

Black and golden Shaved germen shepherd husky mix

  • Attentive and protective: 

Undoubtedly, these shaved German shepherd husky mixes are very attentive and protective of their owners. That’s why they are popular as excellent guard dogs. Mainly, these traits of protection come from both parents to the puppies. Due to the attentiveness of the sound of these dogs, they are also excessive barkers. 

  • Friendly and loyal: 

Primarily, they are very loyal and they will surely not disappoint you in loyalty. In addition, their priority is to put you before themselves because of their friendly nature and loyalty. On the contrary, if you offer them a well-socialized environment, then they can trust you can become very friendly with you. 

  • Health disorders of German Shepherd Husky Mix: 

The major disorders that are found in shaved German shepherd husky mix are:

  • Elbow and Hip Dysplasia.
  • Several Eye conditions. 
  • Epilepsy.
  • Cancer.
  • Ear Infections.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How much is a German Shepherd mix with a husky? 

Well, the minimum price of the shaved German shepherd husky mix ranges from $500 to $1000. The reason is that crossbreed dogs are more expensive as compared to normal ones. 

  • Is a German shepherd husky mix a good dog?

If these shaved German shepherd husky mixes are well socialized and well-trained from an early age, then they are very good to you. In addition, they are very intelligent and active. Besides this, there is no doubt in the fact that they are extremely loyal and friendly. 

Should I get my husky/shepherd mix shaved


Lastly, if you want to enjoy the good and friendly company of your pets with loyalty, then shaved German shepherd husky mix will be the best companion for you. Due to a good temperament and grooming, these dogs are the best guard dogs and they will protect you all the time. So, it is very important to train them properly from an early age. Besides this, these are some health disorders that can lessen the lifespan of these dogs. So, you much take care of them properly and try to look for a frozen environment. 


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