Shar-Pei German Shepherd Husky Mix

Shar-Pei German Shepherd Husky Mix

Shar-Pei German Shepherd Husky Mix

The most intelligent and playful dog, Shar-pei german shepherd husky mix, is a wonderful dog. Moreover, the breed is playful and pretty attractive in looks. Aside from that, this type of breed is uncommon and is a blend of Chinese shar-pei and a German shepherd.

The incredible breed is quite hardworking and helps the owners in their house chores to a great extent. Additionally, anyone can keep this breed because they can easily adjust to anyone who provides good care to the breed. The unique features make this breed stand out in the crowd, and hence people admire them once they know them fully. Besides that, these dogs are Independent and loyal and have their minds, making them different from other dogs.

Characteristics of Shar-pei german shepherd husky mix:

Eyes Hazel and dark brown
Weight 45 to 60 pounds
Coat types Dense, medium, straight
Temperament Independent, loving, stubborn, intelligent
Lifespan 8 to 12 years

About the Shar pei German shepherd husky mix

Shar-pei german shepherd husky mix is a dog with a perfect personality that gains the attention of many pet keepers. Even more, if you want a faithful companion for you and your family, then you can surely own this breed because these dogs are highly towards their owners and the ones whom they know.

Interestingly, these Shar-Pei German Shepherd Husky Mix dogs act weird towards strangers, which is a plus point as they can easily sense if something wrong happens. So if you are looking for a dog that can safeguard you, then this breed is the perfect one Large-sized breeds are not ideal for inexperienced pet keepers because everyone cannot deal with their stubborn nature. Aside from that, these versatile dogs tend to look better than other breeds.


Shar-pei husky mix is a new breed about which the majority of people are unaware. Even more, there is no such information about this new breed, nor has anyone penned down much about the breed because it’s a new crossbreed. Many pet keepers don’t know about this breed; otherwise, they would have owned him because of his attractive characteristics. Dog lovers have yet to discover this wonderful breed.


The Chinese shepherd husky mix doesn’t have a particular appearance, and they usually look like parents, German shepherds, and little do they look like a shar-pei. Isn’t that a great piece of knowledge? Moreover, this type of breed is a combination of the two. Also, this sturdy-looking dog has an incredible rectangular breed. Meaning, it is unusually longer than the normal dogs with an average height which makes their appearance different from other dogs. The tail of these dogs resembles that of the German Shepherd. However, they do have tapers at the ends of their tails.

Shar-Pei German Shepherd Husky Mix

Furthermore, Chinese husky mixes have large ears at the top of their head, triangular. These wonderful dogs have hazel and dark brown eyes, which makes them look tremendous.  When we talk about the wrinkles of shar-pei, they do have them on their face, head, and shoulders.

Shar-pei german shepherd mix size

Shar-pei German husky mixes are large and have a sturdy appearance which makes them unique from other breeds. Although these dogs are not known to many people, once they are common, dog lovers will ultimately buy them. These breeds have an average height of 18 to 26 inches, along with a normal weight of 45 to 60 pounds.

Coat of shar-pei

Shar-pei has a dense coat with a good covering. Furthermore, their coating depends upon the weather types.  However, the coat does resemble that of the parents ranging from short to long. When it comes to the color of their skin, they are usually tan, having marks of the black saddle and black masks.

How can one groom a shar-pei german shepherd husky mix?

This type of breed requires easy grooming, like once or twice a week; brushing is enough. In some weather conditions, these breeds blow off their coats, requiring you to brush them thrice a week. You can easily clean them with a damp cloth. When it comes to bathing, you can bathe them every 2-3 months. Meanwhile, you can wipe them and then clean them with a damp cloth.

It would be best to check their ears because they are prone to ear infections and easily catch one like their parents. So make sure you check them regularly. Another important thing you need to do is brush their teeth every week to keep the germs away just like the Shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix does. Additionally, nail trimming is another important task if you own a shar-pei german shepherd husky mix.

Shepherd Pei: The German Shepherd Shar Pei Mix

The Personality of a shar-pei Chinese shepherd

Shar-pei Chinese shepherds shower true love toward their owners and are extremely loyal and faithful to the family who owns them. Moreover, they serve as the best companion for many families. Shar-pei german shepherd mix temperament depends on their parents.

This breed comes from a mixture of parent breeds and comes out as the perfect guard dog. These dogs massively participate in activities and sports because they are way more intelligent than other dog breeds. On the other hand, these dogs are different from strangers and do not show much affection, and act weirdly. So, one can not trust them with strangers because they will bark at every suspicious thing that happens near their surroundings and is a threat to the family they belong to.

They take complete care of their owner’s property and make sure no one ruins anything their owner poses. However, these breeds are quite alert and not lazy. They keep an eye on everything that happens in their surroundings. Interestingly, it is not that easy to train shar-pei german shepherds because they are independent and do not want anyone to interfere with their life. However, they are perfect dogs when fully trained.

They love getting the attention of their owners and want to please them at every cost. Apart from that, they are always looking forward to spending quality time with their owners.

German shar-pei lifespan

The german shar-pei comes with very little life. Moreover, this breed lives for about 8 to 12 years. 

Shar-pei german shepherd health issues

Nobody knows much about the health issues that german shepherd shar-pei encounters. However, they truly experience several health issues as they age. So always consider choosing dogs from healthy parents, so you don’t have to face any issues afterward.

A health condition that shar-pei encounters

All About Shar-Pei German Shepherd Mix

Let us have a look at some of the health conditions that shar-pei encounters during their life:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Shar-pei fever
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Vitiligo
  • Cruciate ligament rupture
  • Nail bed disease
  • Lupus and others.

Shar-pei german shepherd living condition

Shar-pei german shepherds tend to live everywhere, whether it is a bungalow or an apartment. However, if they live in an apartment, they may bark, looking at something suspicious or a threat to their owner or their property. Therefore, make sure that you are well aware of the discipline policy of your apartment before you bring shar-pie at german shepherd to your apartment.

Shar-pei german shepherd training

It isn’t easy to train a shar-pei german shepherd considering the two important factors that this breed is independent and intelligent enough. However, they can not easily get comfortable with the new command as they are stubborn. Also, they are quite active and love doing work.

However, shar-pei requires an owner who is particular about the rules and provides constant training to the dog so that the dog is on the right track. Notably, you should start training as soon as possible and keep the training short and give breaks; otherwise, your dog may become fed up with it and resist.

Also, be sure to socialize the dog with your neighbors and other important people who do not live with you because Chinese shar-pei is independent and may act weirdly with unknown people. Socialization may help them know people and get familiar with them. Also, dogs require training throughout their life. So it is tough duty. But people who love dogs and are passionate about keeping them at their homes will do anything to own a dog.

Shar-pei german shepherd exercise

The exercising time of the shar-pei german shepherd depends on the parents. Moreover, they usually require an hour of exercise, and they are well set for the day. Also, some dogs from the same breed cannot tolerate heat and easily exhaust during warm weather. So, they need to exercise during colder days.

Shepherd Pei Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Shar-Pei aggressive?

Yes, he can be aggressive towards strange people and other dogs.

  • What two breeds make a Shar-Pei?

The two breeds that make a shar-pei is Chinese shar-pei and English bulldog breeds.

  • How can you tell if German Shepherd is purebred?

You can test it through DNA.

  • Is a boy or girl German Shepherd better?

Female shepherd dogs are much better than male companions as they are generally sweeter than males.

  • Do Shar-Pei bark a lot?

Shar-pei rarely barks as compared to other dog breeds.

  • How much should I pay for a German Shepherd puppy?

You have to pay $1500 for a german shepherd mix as they are not that cheap, and shar-pei german shepherd mix for sale is available.

German Shepherd Shar Pei Mix

Final words

This was all about the shar-pei german shepherd husky mix, an unbelievable god with interesting characteristics. It would be best if you were specific about their training because they are quite independent and cannot get comfortable with the new rules easily.


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