Pug Husky Mix – A Designer Breed With An Excellent Temperament

Pug Husky Mix

Pug Husky Mix – A Designer Breed With An Excellent Temperament

If you are searching for a designer dog, the pug husky mix can be an ideal choice. It comes from the parents, a Siberian husky, and a pug dog. Moreover, the parents’ breeds are entirely different in appearance, characteristics, and size. However, the mixed-breed comes from the parents, and they exist.

Interestingly, the mixed breed is known as the hug or pug.

Moreover, the pup is very cute and quite affectionate. Besides, it can turn out to be a great companion dog. Luckily, the dog fulfills the best rescue, search, and protection tasks.

Pug husky mix puppy is an interesting breed that can serve as the best companion dog. Even more, it has some amazing attributes which make you buy this designer breed.

brown pug husky mix for sale

Reasons Why You Should Not Go For A Husky Pug?

The husky pug can be an unsuitable dog for you if it does not fulfill your criteria for owning it. Let’s look at some of the major reasons why you shouldn’t hold the dog:

  • High maintenance breed

If you are not into grooming your pup regularly, the husky pug is surely not meant for you. It is because of its intense need for grooming. Furthermore, the pug requires more of your time in grooming.

The shedding of the pug is moderate to heavy. Moreover, the pup can shed average if it inherits the shedding from the pug dog breed due to the short coat. On the other hand, your puppy may shed heavily if it inherits a thick, long coat from the parent husky breed.

  • It doesn’t suit first-time dog owners

Although the dog has a good temperament and does not even behave weirdly with strangers, it still requires much attention. Moreover, first-time pet owners cannot handle their excessive exercise routine. However, it is also difficult to train the pug as it requires much effort and obedience training. Besides, sometimes the pug also behaves differently while showing stubborn behavior.

  • Cannot accommodate in small living spaces

The husky pug is supposed to live in a spacious area. Moreover, the pug has a lot of energy and wants to utilize it while busy with some daily activities. When these pups start getting bored, they show destructive behavior, which may be troublesome to the owner’s property and belongings. So it is crucial to keep these dogs busy in some activities where they can utilize their energy to the fullest.

pug husky corgi mix gray and black

Reasons Why You Should Own A Husky Pug?

There are a few good reasons to own a husky pug. The pup can be favorable to you under the following circumstances:

  • Friendly behavior with kids

Hugs tend to behave well with kids. They show affection and kindness toward small children. They are very less aggressive and are quite cheerful dogs. Besides, the dog behaves well with other pets as well as kids. The pug results in a wonderful companion dog as it inherits some amazing characteristics of affectionate nature from the pug parent while the intelligence from the husky parent. Even better, the young kids love these dogs to a great extent.

  • The pug loves to snuggle

As discussed above, the husky pug is quite affectionate towards its owners. They tend to shower all their love on them. They are more into cuddling and showing gratitude to their owners.

  • A perfect watchdog

Despite other characteristics, the cute pug poses, it tends to be the best watchdog for its owners. These dogs are highly alert and quite observant breeds. They manage to take every possible action to protect their owners, which makes them an ideal watchdog.

full grown husky pug mix

Characteristics Of Pug Husky Mix:

Every breed has unique characteristics that distinguish them from other dog breeds.

Physical Attributes

The physical attributes of the pug resemble the parents’ breed. Moreover, their appearance is appealing, which they inherit from the parent breed. Their appearance may be squashed, or they must have a dark mask. Even more, their ears can be hanging or pointed. Also, their tails can be curly or straight.


Every dog has a different temperament. However, the dog comes with a great character because it is loyal, intelligent, and a lively breed with whom you would love to spend time.

Furthermore, they possess a friendly nature similar to the parents’ breed. Due to their friendly nature, they exceptionally go well with other pets and children. You will also find these pup lazy at times because they may find a comfortable couch and doze off. This is the only reason why such breeds are prone to obesity.

Besides the parent breed, the Siberian husky passes the intelligence, loyalty, energy, and alert traits to their offspring. Even better, the dog can be a perfect watchdog for its owners. The dogs cannot easily be accommodated in a small apartment because they love roaming, hence requiring a larger space where they can freely run or roam around.

skin color husky pug mixed breed for good temperament

Pug Husky Mix For Sale

People adore this small pug and instantly adopt them to find one. Even more, if you want to purchase the breed, it is essential only to contact the authentic breeder who knows all the details about the dog and can fully guide you. If we talk about its price, the dog may cost you $1000 to $2000, depending on the dog’s age, breeder, and other factors.

Responsible Breeder

There is also a responsibility on your side, and you need to do in-depth research before purchasing a pug. The only right breeder will ensure you buy the right dog. If the breeder is authentic, he will have a list of questions for you about your lifestyle, preference, finance, and family settings. It is because the breeder is familiar with the dog’s nature, and he would hand over the dog to a family where the dog can easily adjust.

Even more, the authentic breeder will have a health guarantee for both the pup and its parent breed. However, you can also ask related questions to the breeder about the health condition of the pug and much more.

You should not purchase the pug from a puppy mill or puppy farm. The reason why you shouldn’t consider a puppy mill is because several dogs are bred there regularly as they tend to sell them afterward. So, you must only consult a reputable breeder for buying the pug.

However, mixed-breed dogs are usually available at animal shelters. It is always a better option to adopt a dog than purchase it because you provide a home to a homeless dog which is no less than a kind gesture towards this creature.

corgi husky mix and pug

Husky Pug Grooming

The husky pug comes with a medium to long coat. Moreover, weekly brushing is a must so that the pug’s dead hair is removed and a better shine is provided to its fur. However, if the dog has a short coat, then brushing it twice a week would be more than enough. Besides, if the dog inherits a thick coat from the Siberian husky parent, it would become obvious to brush the dog four times a week to get rid of detangling and matting.

Clean Creases

It is essential to keep your dog’s creases clean. You can do it either with a damp cloth or wipes. This will remove dirt from the creases, and your pup will eliminate all the skin issues.

Ear Cleaning

Along with obtaining other cleaning habits, you must clean your dog’s ears weekly with the help of an ear wash to prevent bacteria and flush away all the dirt.

Nail Cleaning

Your dog surely needs nail trimming and paws cleaning too. Moreover, the overgrown nails are sometimes painful, and your dog cannot tolerate such pain. Not only are the bigger nails painful, but when it comes to hygiene, there is a lot of dirt inside overgrown nails which can affect your dog’s health. You can also take your dog to a veterinarian or a professional groomer to seek help in this regard.

Teeth Checkup

Oral hygiene is extremely necessary to keep your dog healthy. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly so they never encounter dental problems. You can get your dog checked by the veterinarian if you feel anything suspicious about your dog’s teeth.

teeth of pug mix with husky breed

Pug Husky Health Problems

It is obvious for any dog to encounter health issues. Similar is the case with the pug husky mix. Moreover, the life expectancy of the pug is 12 to 15 years. Furthermore, the designer breed inherits some health problems from their parent breeds. However, if you own this dog, you must know the following health problems that your dog may be prone to:

  • Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS)

It is a common health disease among these designer dogs. Furthermore, the pug’s breeding lineage causes this disease among the dogs. The condition causes difficulty breathing while also causing chronic discomfort among the dogs. This disease usually occurs among dogs with short noses. Hence, your dog may also encounter issues while running or performing energy-draining activities.

  • Dermatitis

Another health disease commonly found among these designer dogs is dermatitis. This occurs near your dog’s facial skin and its short twisted tail. This causes severe skin irritation your dog cannot bear and results in serious hair fall if left unattended. Also, it causes skin infections to which you must pay much attention.

  • Eye disease

There are two types of eye disease that the pug husky may encounter: cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). A cataract is an eye disease where one eye is affected by clouding because of opacity in the lens. This usually occurs due to the growing age. Another eye disease is known as PRA, which is inherited from the parent dog breed because of retina deterioration.

  • Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is another inherited disease from the parent breed. This health problem is where the thigh bone does not easily fit into the hip joint. It is surely a pain-causing disease and mostly leads to arthritis.

pug and husky mix puppies

Husky Pug’s Food Requirements

The pug husky is highly prone to obesity. They need a specially designed diet to survive. They tend to consume highly nutritious food to live a healthy life. You can even consult the veterinarian regarding your dog’s diet plan. They require a special food schedule for their size and age. However, it is essential to feed your dog with a good 2.5 cups of dry dog food daily.

However, remember to serve the best dog food to your young dog. Also, you must control your dog’s diet, which should not be neglected at any cost. However, don’t be too generous in giving treats to your dog, no matter how much you adore him. It may not only spoil them but also affect their health badly. You should not provide treats for more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet.

The Husky Pug Exercise Needs

The designer dog needs a lot of exercises to utilize its energy well. Otherwise, it will show destructive behavior. Furthermore, as the pug grows, their exercise needs increase like their energy levels.

You must set an exercise schedule of two hours daily as they love doing it. Besides, the designer breed is highly active and wants to utilize their energy in some activity. Moreover, the pugs get bored easily, so it is essential to keep them busy. When this dog is bored, they tend to chew anything in their surroundings.

Walk Needs

The dogs tend to walk for a good 49 minutes daily. Moving around is something these dogs like the most. They also prefer playing indoor games because they do not favor warm weather.

The owner needs to pay attention to the most liked activities of the husky pug as they may tend to develop unwanted behaviors if they don’t get proper attention from the owner. So physical activities on a regular note are a must-have for your pug to keep them active, happy, and healthy.

big face white pug husky mixed breed

Pug Husky Mix Training

The dog requires training from the beginning. Moreover, if they are not well trained, they may portray unusual behavior and give the owner a tough time. Even more, training is also necessary because it helps the dog to adjust to a particular family easily. Moreover, socialization training is also important for your dog as it may help them behave specifically with other dogs and people around.

Furthermore, while training the dog, you may need some patience because it is not an easy task to train a dog. It is essential to train your dog as early as possible so that they develop some basic etiquette.


In conclusion, the husky pug mix is a designer breed. Moreover, it comes from a parent, a Siberian husky, and a pug dog. Even better, the dog has an amazing temperament. It is highly energetic, intelligent, and loyal to its owner.

It is an affectionate dog.

Moreover, they need a particular diet depending on their age and size. Also, the grooming session must be conducted regularly to maintain hygiene. Besides, they require excessive exercise and walking daily. Also, they are more into indoor activities. Moreover, the pug husky mix price ranges between $1000 to $2000.


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