Pomeranian Husky Mix – Pomsky Complete Dog Breed Overview

pomsky the Pomeranian husky mix dog breed

Pomeranian Husky Mix – Pomsky Complete Dog Breed Overview

What’s your best option for a designer dog? A pomeranian husky mix might be the right choice for you since it comes from two breeds, a pomeranian and a husky. However, this breed is known as Pomsky. You will get to know more about this interesting breed in this article.

Full White Pomeranian Husky Mix with black eyes

Pomsky A Designer Breed:

Pomsky is surely a popular designer dog that everyone adores. These dogs have come into notice since 2017. However, they are so incredibly cute that any pet lover falls in love with them at first sight. Furthermore, they have amazing personality traits that no pet lover can ignore. However, Pomeranian husky mix puppies are a mixed breed and are quite costly.

Moreover, The Pomeranian Siberian husky mix is the parent breed of the pomsky.

Since pomskies came into notice quite late, hence there is very less information present on the internet about the pup.

Besides, Pomeranian husky mix for sale is available at many places. It is just that you need to get in touch with the concerned authorities.

An Overview Of pomeranian husky mix full grown:

Name Pomsky
Height 15 inches
Suitable for Families with older kids, individuals
Weight 20-30 pounds
Color Brown, Red, White, Tan, Black, Blue, Orange, Cream, Merle
Price $1000-$2000 (According to sellers)
Life expectancy 13-15 years
Breed type Mix
Temperament Highly intelligent, loyal, confident, energetic, playful dog
Purpose Companion
Why Keep Pomsky - pomeranian husky mix red with blue eyes

Why Keep Pomsky:

Pomsky is a wonderful breed, and they pass through a unique breeding process. The uniqueness makes the dog quite expensive. It is expensive, but the breeding process is time-consuming for the breeders. However, there is no guarantee that post breeding process, you will get the desired litter.

Furthermore, Pomsky is a high maintenance breed and if you can afford their cost, only then go for their purchase. Moreover, the Pomsky can be a little noisier, so if you can tolerate sound, the dog is meant for you. It can be a wonderful talking dog if you are more into talking with them.

Pomsky Characteristics:

Let’s know more about the pomsky breed below:

  • Temperament

The highly energetic and friendly dog, pomsky, can be the best entertainer for your family. The breed’s parents are loving and sociable, so there must be no question regarding the nature of the pomsky. However, these playful dogs require a dish full of cuddles and care.

Even better, the pomsky has got some great intelligence from their parents. The pomsky is great at picking up commands, and they very much like positive reinforcement training. Pomsky is an ideal dog for families with small children because they prefer small-sized dogs.

  • Size and looks

Pomsky has an ideal height and can reach up to 15 inches. Moreover, the ideal weight of the pomsky breed is 20-30 pounds. However, pomsky’s mother can easily grow up to 23 inches tall while gaining 50 pounds.

Although they are initially small dogs, they can become larger with time. If you think they will always remain the same height and weight, the breed is not for you. The varying coats of the dogs make them look quite attractive. When it coats, they vary in colors:

  • White and black
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Brown

Teacup Pomeranian husky mix

Chihuahua Pomsky Characteristics

The Pomeranian husky mix size depends on their parent breeds. Interestingly, the dog resembles a teddy bear because of its double-layered, soft, and fluffy coat. The double-layered coat indicates that they can tolerate cold to a great extent but are not good at tolerating heat.

However, the breed inherits beautiful blue eyes from its parent, the husky. These eyes are distinctive enough to make these pups even more desirable. However, the interesting fact about these pups is that they can even have 2 different colored eyes, and the situation is commonly known as heterochromia.

Notably, the breed is a mixture of two, so no one can guarantee its look with whom the pomsky may resemble. For instance, sometimes it comes with a short muzzle like the mother, a husky. However, it comes with a head just like the father, a pomeranian.

Even more, its body mostly looks like a husky. Either way, the pomsky may resemble the father or mother breed. So unless the breed is already out, no one can say how it looks.

  • Colors

Depending on the parent breeds, the pomskies can be of varying colors. The pomskies can be white having blue eyes, red or dark grey having brown eyes. They will surely be a combination of the parent breeds, depending on their coat colors.

Additionally, Pomeranian husky mix white is also there because it comes from a mixed breed and the parent breed has a white-colored coat.

  • Breeding

The breeding process for the pomeranian husky mix is quite challenging, and you will need some professional assistance in this regard. Breeding requires artificial insemination because, without it, the procedure may fail.

Importantly, the mother of the pomsky is a Siberian husky, while the father is a pomeranian. There are only a few specific breeders who are registered. Moreover, a few breeders will ship your favorite pomsky, but the real ones would want to meet you in person, which is great.

Mini Pomeranian husky mix size in black and white color

  • Exercising needs and living conditions

The highly active pups have regular, more exercising needs. If you look at their size and underrate the pup’s energy, you are wrong. They need a regular dose of exercise, which keeps them active and healthy.

However, if they don’t get the needed attention and their stimulation needs are not fulfilled, they will start destroying your house and furniture. Moreover, 1 hour of exercise is good enough for the pomsky. Also, your pup may love enjoying games like a frisbee.

They are more into fetching games, and it is the best way to make them exhausted. It is a kind of fun-related thing which your pomsky will enjoy to the fullest.

  • Positive training

Pomsky is fond of positive reinforcement training. They are very fast at grasping new things. If you are consistent with their training, they will be the best pup ever. As soon as you adopt the pomsky, start their training as they will learn sooner at a young age and will not give you a tough time.

The reason why your pomsky may need quick training is that they have a stubborn nature. They are pack animals when in the wild, so showing them your dominance is very important. After all, they will live with you. If they don’t get sufficient training, you will have to bear with their tantrums.

Furthermore, it is very important to socialize your pup with other human beings and animals so that they know how to behave. Aggressiveness is inherited from their parents, so they might reflect some at some point if they are not trained enough.

  • Health problems

There is no sufficient information available on the internet about the pomsky being a new breed. Since it’s a new breed and is known to only a few. There is not much awareness about the health problems linked with the breed. Luckily, the breed’s parents are healthy, and, surely, the pomsky may not have some major health issues.

Moreover, it is not recommended to shave the pomsky because it would become quite difficult for them to grow the fur these ways as it was before. These little pups won’t be able to maintain their temperature after they get shaved.

In addition, the Pomeranian husky mix’s health problems are not so major. Hence there are rare chances that the pomsky will encounter a major health problem.

Pomeranian husky mix health problems

However, there are a few minor health-related issues found in the parent breed:

  • Collapsing trachea

Collapsing trachea is quite common in the parent breed of pomsky, which includes dry honking cough or a labored breath.

  • Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia includes dragging, limping, and difficulty climbing.

  • Luxating patellas

It is a skipping or a hindlimb lameness disorder.

  • Skin problems and allergies

Continuous scratching or rashes

Hence, the breed doesn’t have any major health issues, but it is vital to take them to regular veterinarian checkups. However, it is also important to check on essential clinical trips and vaccinations.

  • Nutritions Guide

Similar to humans, dogs also require some important nutrients. You need to research what kind of nutrition is ideal for your pup. You will have to provide the required nutrients to your dog as per his age, size, energy level, and allergies. However, the nutrition dosage changes over time.

Consulting your veterinarian will help you the most because they are professionals in the field and know the best diet for your pet. So keep an eye on your pet’s health as it might have something to do with his diet.

If we combine to talk about the parents’ health issues, the husky suffers from hip dysplasia while the pomeranian father suffers from dislocating knees. To prevent these two health-transfering diseases into your pup, you must ensure that you feed your pup low calcium and low-calorie diet.

  • Grooming

Surprisingly, your pup is a high-maintenance dog and requires grooming every other day. If you own pomsky, you must keep a bristle brush with you as you need to brush his coat once a day. Brushing has an advantage for health as it stimulates blood flow.

Moreover, your pup’s dead hairs are also removed regularly with brushing. Additionally, your pup may shed twice a year, in autumn and spring. To tackle the undercoat shedding, you need to use a de-shedding brush.

Pomeranian husky mix Food - What they eat?

Besides, you can surely use a shampoo that prevents shedding and keeps them in control. Regular grooming makes your pup healthy, and you can enjoy a wonderful bond with your pup while doing so. Furthermore, regular grooming will help you prevent dog fluff on your couch.

When it comes to baths, most dogs need one within every 4 to 6 weeks. However, your puppy may require regular bathing due to their fluffy coats. To maintain hygiene between the bathing sessions, you can use a dry shampoo or dog wipes from a nearby pet store.

Besides, you can get dry shampoo in two forms, spray and foam. If your pup isn’t comfortable with water, then dry shampoo can be the best alternative for you.

How much do mini Pomeranian Husky Mix Cost?

The demand for the pomsky has been continuously increasing. Hence one needs to pay an enormous amount if willing to purchase the pup. The handsome hunks are undoubtedly expensive. The average cost of the pup ranges from $2000 up to $5000. The artificial insemination of the pups is quite complicated; hence making these pups cost you some extra dollars.

Your investment does not stop with the purchase of the pup, as owning a dob is a long-term investment. The total expense of these pups is estimated at $2000 per year, which is quite huge. Furthermore, Pomeranian husky mix cost is surely high, and everyone cannot afford one since it is a high-maintenance dog.

You must look for a known breeder who can guide you to the best about the pup. Many backyard breeders have jumped into the profession, having little know-how of the breed. Also, these breeders charge you less than $1000, which is quite suspicious of the price of the Pomsky. So keep in touch with the professional breeder only.

Pomeranian husky mix for sale Listing:

However, Pomeranian husky mix price varies depending on the breeders.

White Pomeranian husky mix price

  • Breeders

The complications related to breeding the Pomskies are a fact. So it makes it quite challenging for an ordinary person to find a legit breeder. However, you can start searching for one locally in your city.

Also, you can do an online search for the breeders, and for that, social media platforms would help you the best. You might have to travel out of your state to find one if you don’t get in touch with the breeder online.

  • Rescue Shelters

The Pomsky is rarely found in rescue shelters because they are extremely expensive. The owners are less likely to give up on these beautiful pups regardless of the behavioral problems if any. However, you can still check on the rescue shelter if you can luckily find any pup.

Some Facts About Pomsky:

Let’s discuss some interesting facts about the Pomsky breed:

  • The first Pomsky was reported to be born in 2012
  • The Pomskies gained popularity and became viral in 2011, and got a huge fanbase
  • Too many dog breeding organizations, Pomsky is still unknown, and they don’t know much about the breed
  • Notably, Pomeranian husky mix full grown has a great height similar to that of the husky mother
  • Pomsky can be stubborn similar to that of the husky
  • The husky is the mother while the pomeranian is the father of the pomsky
  • Regardless of the size, they can be ideal guard dogs
  • Pomsky loves digging
  • They have small dog syndrome

Pomeranian husky mix full grown


In short, the Pomsky is an adorable pup that anyone who has ever owned a dog would adore. Moreover, it is quite expensive in terms of growing the pup. The high-maintenance dog requires a good bank balance. Initially, the dog may require your time as they must be trained to behave well throughout their growth period. If you don’t train them from the beginning, they may be a huge disaster for your house and belongings.

Pomsky is a highly energetic pup with great exercise needs. However, these breeds are expensive, so only purchase them if the weight is in your wallet or bank account. It comes from a mixed breed, so you never know what kind of dog it will be.


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