Long Haired German Shepherd Husky Mix Dog Breed

Long Haired German Shepherd Characteristics

Long Haired German Shepherd Husky Mix Dog Breed

Do you like Long-Haired German Shepherd Husky Mix? German Shepherd Husky mix is an excellent dog breed and one of the most famous among most dog lovers. However, when it comes to them being long-haired, they have the charm, attraction, and beauty stepped ahead to another level of exceptionality.

husky mix long haired gerberian shepsky

Who wouldn’t want their Gerberian Shepskies to be long-haired? They look fluffy and cute in puppyhood and turn charming and attractive in their adulthood. These long-haired Gerberian Shepskies look so uncommon yet appealing that every dog lover wants to own them.

No matter what color the coat is, if the coat is denser and the hairs are long, you will probably get another level of confidence in keeping them with you.

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Long Haired German Shepherd

Characteristics of Long Haired German Shepherd Husky Mix

  • These dogs are medium to more significant in size: the height and weight of these dogs are about 20-25 inches and almost 88-90 pounds, respectively.
  • These, due to their high energy level, are not at all suitable for apartment living.
  • They need space and larger homes to show their moves and temperament.
  • They can easily survive both hot and cold weather, but cold environments with temperatures of -10 to -15 suit them best.
  • These dogs are found in a variety of colors, including white, brown, black, red, grey, and many others.
  • These dogs have pointed ears, with blue and sometimes dual-colored eyes. The eye color makes them even more attractive.
  • This breed has extremely high energy in it and needs daily exercise time.
  • They love to pay, are friendly, loyal, and affectionate. However, they can turn out to be dangerous to strangers out of their protective instincts for their owners.
long haired Gerberian Shepsky husky

Long Haired Vs. Short Haired German Shepherd Husky Mix- Similarities and Differences

Features  Long-Haired  Short-Haired 
Life Span 10-14 years 10-14 years
Size: 22-26 inches tall 22-26 inches tall
Weight 80-90 pounds 80-90 pounds
Temperament: Loyal, athletic, and confident Loyal, athletic, confident, and a good response level
Coat: Single layered, long, silky Double layered, woolly undercoat and dense outer coat
Intelligence: Very intelligent Same intelligent
Color: Black and tan, black, red and black, sable, black and silver, and grey Black and tan, black, red and black, sable, black and silver, and grey
Socialization: Good with other dogs but needs socialization Good with other dogs but needs socialization
Friendliness Great with family, kids, but not with strangers Great with family but maybe aloof with strangers
Socialization: Good with other dogs but needs socialization Good with other dogs but needs socialization
Energy Level: Highly energetic Same Energetic

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German Shepherd Long Haired Puppy


  • Both these dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, energy, and reactiveness.
  • Both dogs are athletic.
  • Both these dogs grow similar in size, both males being larger than females.
  • Both dogs suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Both dogs have proactive and possessive nature.
  • Both these dogs have needs for the same amount of energy-almost 2 hours a day.
  • Both breeds are prone to similar types of health issues, just like their parent breed dogs.
  • Both these dogs show a similar life span provided that you buy them from the responsible breeder who uses healthy dogs for breeding.
  • Both these dogs can live in both hot and cold environments.


Black German Shepherd Long Haired
Long Haired German Shepherd Husky Mix
  • The main difference in both these dogs arises in the coat length- these are about an inch in short hair, and long-haired dogs have the hair coat with two or more inches in length.
  • Short-haired Gerberian Shepskies are suited to work outside of homes, to work in general compared to long-haired ones.
  • The short-haired dogs have the double coat: an undercoat and an outer coat. Long-haired dogs have an undercoat that measures up to two inches in length. While some long-haired Gerberian Shepskies have long, single-layered coat that doesn’t have an undercoat.
  • Due to the difference in their aptitude for working in different environments, short-haired gerberian Shepskies are more likely to behave in an aloof manner to strangers.

Is Long haired German shepherd cross husky Good to have?

Long haired German shepherd cross

The reason that Long-haired Gerberian Shepskies shed more often and heavily, you might not like them to do this in your home. However, if you don’t have any issues with its shedding, there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping these dogs with you at home.

These are loyal and affectionate companions that keep you protected from the strangers of any danger around. Keeping you active is their primary concern as they need a lot of time and space, along with a daily 2 hours of exercise time.

Besides, their nature for playfulness and accompanying the owner everywhere is the best thing you can have in them. They accompany you in your morning and evening walks, playground, riding, cycling, and other activities.


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