German Shepherd Lab Mix | Labrador Mix Sheprador

German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever dog

German Shepherd Lab Mix | Labrador Mix Sheprador

Check out German Shepherd Lab Mix and German Shepherds and Labradors are two of the most famous dog breeds in the World, and they are both clever and loving. They are also known as Sheprador.

Breed typeGerman Shepherd Labrador Mix
Size (Height)23-26 inches
Lifespan (AGE)10-14 years
TemperamentEnergetic, Smart, Loyal, and Playful
ColorsSolid coating (Black, White, Cream, Golden, Brown)

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We examine the Sheprador’s personality, coat, and color variations, how to look for them, if this mixed breed dog type is appropriate for you, and much more in our comprehensive guide.

Photo of German Shepherd Lab Mix

What is Sheprador, aka German Shepherd Labrador Mix?

This dog breed is devoted, clever, friendly, and eager to please. This big, lively dog would be a wonderful addition to any family. You should exercise your Sheprador for around two hours each day if you have a lot of energy; it is best suited to people who live an active outdoor lifestyle.

Sheprador’s Characteristics:

  • Size: 22 to 25 inches tall, weighing 50 to 80 pounds
  • Coat: Medium length, double coat, varying color
  • Shedding: Yes
  • Life expectancy: 10–14 years
  • Temperament: Intelligent, energetic, and loyal, yet suspicious of outsiders
  • Trainable: Extremely trainable, yet inclined to destructive behavior when bored
  • Activity: Extremely active (needs two hours of activity per day)
  • Best For: Families and adults that lead busy lifestyles and have plenty of time to spend with their children.

Sheprador Appearance

It’s a bit of a guess what you’ll get when these two breeds mix, as it is with most mix-breed dogs. They could have pointed ears like a German Shepherd or floppy ears like a Labrador. Nothing can be done but wait and see. But, fortunately, The German Shepherds and Labradors are gorgeous dogs, so they should be handsome regardless of how they end up.

Sheprador Dog Appearance
Sheprador Grown

There are a few generalizations we can make regarding the look of Shepradors.

Colors (Only Black and White?)

The color of these magnificent mixed-breed dogs varies greatly, and you might wind up with a pup with solid coat color, like Labs, or a stunning mixed coloring, like German Shepherds.

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Size of German Labrador Mix

Because The German Shepherds and Labradors are medium- to large-sized dogs, their combined pups will be the same in size. German Shepherds are the bigger of the two, weighing between Fifty to Ninety pounds and standing Twenty Two to Twenty Six inches tall. Labradors are only slightly smaller, weighing Fifty to Eighty pounds and standing Twenty to Twenty Five inches tall.

As a result, your Sheprador should reach Twenty Two to Twenty-five inches tall and weigh Fifty to Eighty pounds. You may narrow down the range by looking at the size of the parents.

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Coat of Sheprador Puppies

You should anticipate Lab German Shepherd Mix to have a smaller coat, similar to that of a Labrador when it comes to coating size.

This appears to be a dominant gene since most German Shepherd Lab Mixes have this coat type. Because both breeds have double coats, the dog will most likely have one.

The guard coat will be harsh, while the undercoat will be smooth and fluffy.

Character and Temperament

While temperament is variable in mixed breeds, The German Shepherds and Labradors are bright, energetic, and loyal dogs, so you may anticipate their progeny to be the same. German Shepherds are very clever dogs with a strong herding instinct. They have a propensity for guarding what they believe to be theirs.

German Shepherds and Labradors Mix

Labradors were initially developed as gun dogs to recover hunters’ wild prey. As a result, they are highly docile and like to serve their owners, and they enjoy nothing more than spending more time with them.

Both breeds are clever and highly trainable so that you may anticipate these traits in a Sheprador. Since these dogs are a combination of genetics and environment, in case you want to bring a Lab German Shepherd mix into your house, then you need to be cautious about the particular dog you pick.

Levels of Activity

Whatever their personality is, you will have a dog with a high level of energy. These larger working canines require around two hours of exercise every day. Because of their intellect, they are quickly bored, and when they are bored, they have a propensity for destructive activity, such as scratching and gnawing. It would be best if you did not leave Sheprador alone at home for long periods. They thrive with active owners who take them on walks, hikes, and runs.

Lab German Shepherd Mix Facts

Grooming of German Shepherd Lab mix

Brush them at least twice a week and as frequently as once a day during shedding months. These dogs will also like climbing up on the sofa for a cuddle and asleep. Their coat isn’t the only aspect of their grooming that has to be addressed.

It would be best to brush or use dentistry treatments to clean their teeth three times each week. It’s also critical to clean their ear weekly since germs, fungi, and parasites thrive in the insides of their ears. Lastly, every three months, get their nails trimmed. It’s for their health and the health of your home since their nails may cause harm to your floors.

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Here’s How you can Manage their Diet Plan?

German Shepherd Lab Mixes are large dogs with a lot of energy, but they also have a high risk of obesity; therefore, they must receive their energy from healthy sources. This entails favoring a protein diet and lipids over carbs.

Lab German Shepherd Mixes gain from new proteins in their diets as well, as they might be allergic to some proteins. Dogs are prone to developing allergies to the foods they consume the most, which are frequently beef and chicken. To help avoid allergies, try unique proteins that aren’t included in every dog diet, such as venison and rabbits.

Sheprador puppies must be fed three times a day while they are pups, and this should be reduced to 2 times a day at four months of age. However, please do not leave them without meals for more than Twelve hours since this might cause stomach discomfort.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Known Health Issues

The most well-known issues with Shepradors are:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Obesity
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • stomach twisting
  • lame back legs

Is a Sheprador an Ideal Family Dog?

The German Shepherd and the Labrador are extremely popular family dogs, so it’s no wonder that many people are curious about whether the Lab Shepherd mix is a decent family dog.

The first thing to mention is that they are huge and energetic dogs, and anyone who adopts a Sheprador must lead an active lifestyle to fulfill their high activity requirements.

A person who enjoys an active, adventurous life (hike, jogging, trail walking, etc.) will be more suitable.

Furthermore, because these dogs demand a lot of mental stimulation, having a big family is advantageous; there will be more people to assist, teach and exercise the dog.

How to Train a Sheprador?

Labradors are people pleasers that like making their owners happy. This indicates that their children are more likely to feel the same way. As a result, they will react promptly to teaching based on positive reinforcement.

Focus on socialization while training a German Shepherd Lab Mix since they may have acquired the German Shepherd’s inclination to be aggressive against strangers.

Deal with this behavior as soon as possible by providing thorough training for interacting with children and outsiders. While this dog will most likely be wonderful with your children since they are very devoted and will connect with them, educate your children to respect the dog’s limits and to interpret their behavior.

German Sheprador Lab Mix

Final Words

So now you know everything there is to know about the Sheprador, a beautiful crossbreed that makes excellent family companions and is highly trustworthy and devoted.

You will be rewarded with a loving friend if you give your Sheprador the attention and exercise it requires. If you live an adventurous outdoor lifestyle and have lots of time to devote to them, the Sheprador may be an ideal dog for you.



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