German Shepherd Chow Mix (Sheprachow Rottweiler)

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German Shepherd Chow Mix (Sheprachow Rottweiler)

German Shepherd Chow mix breed is something that every dog lover loves to have. It is a pet that can keep your loneliness as they make extraordinary companions. They are highly active with a lot of energy, and they are highly protective of their owners. They are also called Sheprachow Rottweiler.

These dogs are formed in colors of red, black, grey, brown, and cream. The chow Gerberian Shepsky husky is a double coat with a fluffy mix of hair its coat is always dense and straight, its weight can be from 45 to 90 pounds (20 to 41kg) their weight and depends upon its parents.

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German Shepherd chow chow mix

Characteristics of a German Shepherd Chow Chow Mix 


They are not suitable for apartment living because they have large sizes and they need exercise. They could live in a larger apartment if you take them out 2-3 times a day for exercise. However, they are best suitable for living in a house than an apartment.

Climate Preference

These dogs can live in warm climates but are best suitable in cooler weather. A thick coat insulates against wind, snow, and rain.

Chow Shepherd Mixed Dog Breed Pictures

They can thrive in extreme winter conditions. the chow mix struggles in hot climates.

Need for Companionship 

These dogs can be alone for a couple of hours. However, they cannot remain alone for several hours every day.


This dog is not suitable for young children and shows some intolerant, offensive behaviors like pulling and scratching. However, this trait can be changed only if it is raised with the children and gets used to socialization at an early age. This way, it can become a protective family dog. Besides, children must be taught how to act with them.

An Excellent Guard Dog

The chow mix has a loud bark, and with their high protective instinct to their home and family, they become excellent guard dogs. This is why they bark and show some offensive behaviors when they feel any danger around their owners.

You have to make sure that you have correctly introduced them to visitors in their puppyhoods to stop aggression.

(Chow Chow & Gerberian Shepsky Mix)

With Other Pets 

The Chow Mix are not comfortable with pets like small dogs and cats: they may view smaller animals as a potential meal. They can live very peacefully with other dogs, but they must be raised with them from puppyhood.

Grooming and Health


Chow Shepherd mix sheds a lot. Because of their thick and fluffy double coat, you will need to groom them with the brush daily. You can use a wire brush for grooming during heavy shedding periods.

It would help if you kept in mind that you should never shave a German shepherd chow mix because they are used to regulate the temperature with their double coat, and shaving can subject them to face some serious health issues.

Bathing, Trimming, and Brushing

You should only bathe the chow mix if they get dirty or they started to smell bad. However, it would help if you had to trim their nails as soon as possible. If you ever hear their nails clicking on the floor, that means their nails are big, and it’s time to cut them off. To avoid any dental issue, you have to brush your teeth 2-3 times a week.

Exercise Needs

These breeds need to exercise a lot: you need to take them for exercise twice a day, not less than 75 minutes. The suitable exercise includes jogging, playing fetch, walks and hiking. Try to avoid exercise during the hot time in a day to avoid overheating.

Food Needs per Day

Food needs depend upon the size of the Chow Mix. The chow mix needs 2.5-3 cups of food per day, so you need to feed them twice a day with suitable food for large breeds. This is because a Chow Shepherd puppy needs to avoid hip problems during their growth periods.

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 Chow Gerberian Shepsky Mix Facts



This mix can range from extreme level to average level intelligence, which is very challenging to handle when combined with its strength and size.

Need for the Trainer 

The chow mix responds very well to an assertive and confident trainer. The best way to make them respond to your commands is using the positive methods with this mix.


The chow mix is prone to mouthiness: you need to teach your chow mix bite by providing some redirections. We highly suggest you not use physical punishment to avoid biting. This way, you might discourage unwanted behavior and reward chewing of bones and toys.

Physical needs

The chow mix needs mental and physical stimulation. People who do not have the time or don’t have the energy to exercise their dog can face many problems having the chow mix. They need to exercise twice a day, so owners not having time or energy for the chow mix have to handle quite a lot of behavior problems.

full grown german shepherd chow chow mix

German Shepherd Chow Mix at a Glance

Physical appearance

There are many variants in the appearance of chow mix; however, generally speaking, this breed is muscular and has the same tail as a German shepherd. The chow mix has brown eyes and a black nose.

Weight and Height

The chow shepherds are 22 and 26 inches (56 and 66cm) in height. Its weight is 45 to 90 pounds (20 to 41kg), the chow mix height and weight do not depend on their gender; it depends on their parents.

Coat Color

These mixed breed dogs have multicolored coats of two or more colors. These colors include grey, red, black, brown, and cream, depending entirely upon their parental genes.

Coat Length

The chow mix is a double coat with fluffy hair. Its fur is always dense and straight and ranges from medium to long.


The chow mix is a protective and loyal companion but is not easy to handle dogs. Due to its sheer temperament, it needs a confident and trained handler. Its temperamental nature does not let them interact with people and animals outside the family.

Gerberian Shepsky chow chow mix breed

Tips to Train a German Shepherd Mix Chow Chow

The training period is significantly one of the most critical times of your puppy’s life. If you want to make the best companion out of your dog, you must know how to train it well. It is never easy to train a German Shepherd Chow Chow Mix breed dog; you need to learn some tips and tricks to handle it well.

Besides, when it’s come to training the German shepherd chow mix, you must also need to take their temperament into account and calm yourself down to make the implementation of behavior shaping techniques easier but it’s not for sale here.

Following are some things that you just need to know before getting into training sessions for your dog:

  • These dogs have a high energy level, so they need a confident and experienced trainer who is passionate about training and handle them properly.
  • They sometimes turn out to be stubborn about something, so you have to know the best time to deal with them as a trainer and how to treat them when they are alone.
  • They need a lot of space, so make sure you give them enough space to enjoy themselves before you give them orders and want to respond to you.
  • You need to give them time and energy to train them in a better way.
  • These dogs also have some possible health problems, so you must know about them all before starting to train them. You must not train them with exercises that can tend to be harmful to their health.
  • They also need some extra grooming to avoid diseases.

Things You Need to do while training them. 

German Shepherd Chow Mix | A Large Loyal Cross

To give a general idea of what you have to do while training them, you should always go for the following steps.

  • Use a positive training method.
  • Include in your training both the early and ongoing socialization with strangers and other animals alike.

You can do more things like:

Start Early Socialization

The best thing while you are training your pet is socialization. The temperament of both parents does not allow this breed to get socialized to people quickly; thus, it can turn out as a significant threat to unknown people.

So, it is essential that when you bring your little puppy home, you should take it out to meet some unknown people and other pets like dogs and cats, etc.

Maintain High-energy level

Even though your puppy is an active, energetic, and playful activity, you still need to break the training sessions into smaller and shorter interactive ones. This will keep your puppy interested in trying out new things each day. Also, it will make them used to the energy exertions little by little without taking too much physical stress.

Then, introduce training rewards during playtime. This will help your dog keep moving with the same energy through all its training sessions. Besides, introducing some fanatics games like fetch play, throw a ball, etc., can help them be in a good mood all the time.

Using Positive Reinforcement Methods

Positive reinforcement training methods are highly recommended: they will help you maintain the intelligent stubbornness in German shepherd chow mix puppy lifespan.

What are the positive reinforcement methods? This is what you must need to know in detail before introducing them to your puppy.

These methods involve introducing the reinforcing stimulus for your dog that follows up behavior to make it more likely to happen in the future again. The rewards are favorable, and your dog will give the same response every time. This trick strengthens the desired behavior of your dog.

The key to using these positive training methods is that your dog will develop trust towards you and be ready to get guidance every day. This is the best way to develop a great bond with your dog, and you will also see some positive results in your dog’s behavior.

german shepherd chow breed mix

Is Keeping a German Shepherd Chow Chow Mix a Good Idea?

In terms of personality traits and characteristics, these dogs make a great companion to have. They alleviate your loneliness and accompany you wherever you go, whether walking, playing, or any other place.

They have such high energy in them that they can keep you active and playful throughout the day. They are very loyal and protective against every danger they feel. This is probably the essential thing to have in a puppy you own as a guard and companion.

There is no doubt in it that you will love this dog. However, whether your friends and neighbors like it or not only depends on how well you have trained your dog. So, preparing this dog to attract love or hate is all your responsibility.

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To Conclude

Summarizing the whole, if you still think of owning a German Shepherd Chow Chow mix breed at home, you need to keep in mind these things before you own this dog.

  • This breed is good, or you can say that it is perfect for you if you have an active lifestyle.
  • These dogs are energetic and playful; you will always enjoy their company wherever you are: in your backyard, home, and garden, etc.
  • If you are living in an apartment, this breed is not for you. They need ample space for their exercise and playtime.
  • If you have children at your home, these dogs are not suitable for the family yet. You cannot leave them around your kids: if they lose their temper, they can harm your kids.


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