Breeders of Gerberian Shepsky mix

Gerberian Shepsky Breeders

When the Siberian husky and the German shepherd cross, they create the Gerberian Shepsky.  Gerberian Shepsky Breeders are individuals or companies or businesses that breed this species. Also, the German Shepherd’s strength and intelligence combined with a husky’s smaller height and gorgeous blue eyes make them the Shepsky. 

These canines are frequently more significant than most Siberian huskies but smaller than German shepherds and that’s why not all companies breed them. Also, they can reach heights of 20 to 26 inches and weigh under 60 pounds on average. 

Little Shepsky mix breeders

Gerberian Shepsky Breeders are found all around the globe. Some of the country’s breeders are listed in this article.

Gerberian Shepsky Breeders Around:

Some of the few Gerberian Shepsky Breeders Near me are below;

  • Pets’ Clan
  • Brohi Dogs Kennel
  • Pets heaven kennel
  • Premium Pet House
  • Solo Wolf Kennel

This breed is perfect for breeders looking for a dog pet that will only require a temporary mental and physical commitment. Plus, you can find a variety of different breeds along with Shepskies to choose from in the shops. Additionally, they are available in various hues, the most popular being black and brown with black.

The breeders and companies of Gerberian Shepsky in many other countries get mentioned below;

Gerberian Shepsky Breeders California:

8 weeks old and ready for a new home soon!

These are some of the very famous breeders of Shepskies in California;

  • Lundborg-land German Shepherds
  • Kreative Kennels
  • Anastasia Siberians
  • Dakonic German Shepherds
  • Riohaus Shepherds
  • Von Wa-Bo German Shepherds
  • Nadelhaus German Shepherds
  • Rotterbarental German Shepherds
  • CS Vista Farms

These are the best breeders in town and they also say that canine has received special training to devour domestic livestock. This dog is a top pick for a police dog and a great hunting companion. Also, They get trained to exhibit modified herding behavior, specifically adapted predatory activity.

California shepksy mix breed

Ontario Breeders:

Vessey Shepsky breed from ontario

If improperly socialized, they may become overly possessive of their home and family, as told by Gerberian Shepsky Breeders Ontario. The best breeders of this species in Canada get listed below;

  • Loyalist German Shepherds
  • Kybra Kennels
  • Shiphra German Shepherds
  • Teddy Doodles and Standard Poodles
  • Lucky Labs
  • So Cal Paws
  • Chunkey Bullies
  • Lucky Charm Golden Retrievers
  • Vessey Shepsky

Plus, they are incredibly loyal to their owner, and as a result, they are also loyal and caring according to the breeders. These breeders above claim to have it in various hues and colors. The breeders warn that it tends to be rather vocal and frequently bark, especially when alone. 

Canada Breeders:

Canada shepksy breeders

According to Breeders Canada, the Gerberian shepsky needs a specific type of habitat to live in cold climates. Consequently, Gerberian Shepskies require a lot of exercise and instruction to maintain good behavior. Some of the best Gerberian Shepsky Breeders Canada get mentioned below;

  • Von Lousar German Shepherds
  • Canisphere Kennels
  • Andega Shepherds
  • sunshadows german shepherds
  • Kybra Kennels
  • Von Tighe Haus German Shepherds
  • Ulvilden German Shepherds Inc
  • Whiterobin Kennels
  • Canadian Kennels Club

Australian Breeders:

Below are the famous websites and breeders that breed and sell Gerberian shepsky in Australia.  Also, according to them it is moderately shed, necessitating regular grooming sessions, so it’s critical to keep their coats glossy and free of dead fur.

Australian Dog breed shepsky mix
  • German Shepherd World
  • Belgenbeau Belgian Shepherds
  • Alderhaus German Shepherds
  • Sydney Pomskies
  • Royoni Kennels
  • Clear Oaks Labradors
  • German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Inc.
  • Brashawin Working Line German Shepherd Dogs
  • Dogs NT
  • Australian Designer Breeders Pty Ltd
  • Dogs NSW

UK Breeders:

Although good eaters as Breeders say, Gerberian Shepsky dogs can be particular about what they eat.  Additionally, find out whether your dog has any allergies before buying, so you can take care of them. Finding what your dog prefers will be more straightforward as a result. The listing of the best breeders in the UK is below;

  • Celtic Star Kennels
  • Figynberg German Shepherds
  • Puppy Choices Ltd
  • UK German Shepherd Rescue
  • German Shepherd World
  • Puppy Heaven- Teacup & Toy Puppies for Sale
  • Ambullneo Mastiff
  • Dogs and Puppies

Florida Breeders:

It is good to check history before buying a particular Shepsky, breeders told. Best breeders in Florida with a good repute get listed below;

  • Southernwind Kennels
  • Ruskin House of Shepherds
  • Vom Hundhaus Shepherds
  • Florida German Shepherd Puppies
  • Wolves Den Ranch
  • South Florida German Shepherds
  • Florida Fur Babies
  • Von Florida German Shepherds
  • Blue Sky Puppies Clearwater
  • Forever Love Puppies Miami
  • K-9 Specialists
  • Puppies Galore & More
  • Von Hazel Haus German Shepherds

Gerberian Shepsky Breeders in Michigan:

The best breeders in Michigan get mentioned below;

  • BurnsBerg Kennels
  • Von Buchmann German Shepherds
  • Browning Haus German Shepherds
  • Stonehill Kennels
  • Kolenda Kennels
  • Cher Car Kennels LLC
  • Misty’s Toy Aussies
  • My Toy Aussie
  • Michigan Puppy

By about 18 months, a Gerberian Shepsky should be at its full adult size, according to Gerberian Shepsky breeders. These are energetic dogs, but they’ll calm down a bit as they age.

USA Gerberian Shepsky Breeders:

The dynamic character of the Gerberian Shepsky necessitates a higher caloric intake than that of other breeds of dogs. Also, the best way to guarantee they receive the nutrients they require is to give them premium commercial dog food. To create a unique food plan for your dog, speak with a veterinarian according to Gerberian Shepsky Breeders California. The best and most trusted breeders of Shepskies in California get listed below;

  • Wüstenberger-Land German Shepherds
  • Vom Hognadottirs
  • Keystone Puppies
  • Tried and True Aussies
  • The Bearden Pack
  • Lancaster Puppies
  • Puppy Heaven- Teacup & Toy Puppies for Sale
  • Greenfield Puppies LLC


Summing it up, A hybrid breed that is fast gaining favor among dog enthusiasts is the Gerberian Shepsky. Also, Gerberian Shepsky breeders get found all around the world and you can get guidance on where to buy these Shepskies in different countries. 

Also, they can live for 8 to 14 years, depending on their physical condition, issues, diet, and surroundings, breeders told. Lastly, these dogs shouldn’t get passed up by families looking for energetic dogs and careful people can easily nurture and grow them. Take a deep look at the article to get the whereabouts of where to find breeders and companies in the USA, UK, Canada, Michigan, and other countries.


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