Full Grown German Shepherd Husky Mix (Adult Shepsky)

Full Grown Gerberian Shepsky Mix

Full Grown German Shepherd Husky Mix (Adult Shepsky)

Here is the complete information on the Full Grown German Shepherd Husky Mix. If you’ve got a cute little puppy at home and can’t guess how big this fantastic pet can turn out to be, here we are to provide you with some ideas. A full-grown German shepherd husky mix can be as big as 20 to 25 inches in height and almost 88 pounds in weight.

  • Full Size: 20-25 INCHES
  • Weight: 60- 90 Pounds
  • Age: 10-13 Years
  • Colors: White, Black, Brown, Cream, Red, Blue

The breed name of the German Shepherd Husky Mix is Gerberian Shepsky.

Full Grown Gerberian Shepsky Husky Mix

German Shepherd Husky Mix breed is something that every dog lover loves to own. It is a great pet that you can keep to alleviate your loneliness as they make extraordinary companions. In this article, we will discuss some essential characteristics and personality traits of this breed so that it would help you out in knowing this dog even better.

You must know the traits of this dog beforehand and then decide on its adoption as choosing a pet means choosing alone-time companionship that must need to be genuine, authentic, and compatible with you.

Personality of full grown Gerberian Shepherd

Personality Traits of Full Grown German Shepherd Husky Mix

All full-grown German Shepherd Husky Mix breeds can be variant from another in their personality traits: a lot depends upon bending their genetic makeup to either of the parents. Both the Huskies and the German Shepherd have some strong personality traits the hybrid itself comes out resilient and extraordinarily attractive in its personality.

This breed is highly active with a lot of energy in them. They are strong and protective of their owners and family. The best thing about their personality is that they are incredibly gentle and highly affectionate to their owners. Still, due to their protective instincts, they can turn out aggressive sometimes towards strangers or any other things that they feel a danger to their owners.

Nevertheless, if you want to shape your dog’s personality as per your choice, the best way to do this is to adopt a little pup instead of a full-grown hybrid dog. This way, you can efficiently train it in its puppyhood, or else you will eventually see the independence of the Husky parent intruding into the personality even more.

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Traits of Adult German Shepherd Husky Mix

Note: Even though you can train this little puppy and help it acquire its desirable traits, there will still be some dominant characters of the parent dogs in them. This is mainly due to genetics playing its part. 

How to train your Full Grown German Shepherd Husky Mix? Tips for the first-time owners 

When you get a pet dog at your home to make it your best companion, the most crucial time of it growing from a pup to a significant adult and holding onto the best companionship with you is probably its training period. Besides, when it comes to training a German Shepherd Husky Mix, you must learn special techniques and tricks to make the process easier for both you and your pet.

The best thing about these dogs is that they are extremely intelligent and pick up things so fast and correct; hence it is easy for an owner to train them. However, if you are a first-time owner, you need to know some most important things that are as follows:

  • These dogs have extremely high energy, and they need a bit stronger and more passionate trainer to train them properly.
  • They tend to be stubborn about plenty of things, so you must know the best time to deal with them as trainers and when to leave them alone.
  • They need a lot and a lot of space: even more than you ever think of. So, make sure that you give them enough space to enjoy themselves before they ever start to listen and follow your commands.
  • You need to invest so much of your energy and time in training these dogs well.
  • These dogs come up with possible health problems that you must need to be aware of before training them in a particular way.
  • And lastly, there are high chances that some German Shepherd Mix breed will require some extra grooming.

So what do you need to do while training them? 

To give a general idea of what and how you will have to train your little puppy, we should say that you should always go for the following two things:

  • Use positive reinforcement training methods
  • Include in your training both the early and ongoing socialization with strangers and other animals alike.

This was to make up your mind and provide you with a general idea of what and how you will carry on the training process. However, to provide you with some deeper information, here are some things that we recommend you to go for during the process.

Full Size German Shepherd Husky Mix

Start their earlier Socialization

The best and foremost thing that you must introduce your puppy to in this training process is socializing. The temperament of both parents doesn’t allow this breed to get socialized to people quickly, and thus it can turn out as a significant threat to unknown people. So, it is essential that when you bring your little puppy home, you should take it to meet some unknown people and other pets like dogs and cats, etc. This would help them differentiate between a friend and a threat and will act in the best possible way to help you avoid any mishap in the future.

Your responsibility is to introduce your puppy to some cues on choosing the people as friends or threats, so we advise you to do it right. Your puppy will learn from you to act in a certain way in non-threatening situations because you will help them learn the difference between a non-threat and a treat.

Note: You must start the socialization process at an early age to become more accessible for your puppy to learn to act in a certain way in some situations. 

Use Positive Reinforcement Training Methods

Germen shepherd husky mix full grown

The use of positive reinforcement training methods is highly recommended. It will help you maintain the intelligent stubbornness in a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy.

What are the positive reinforcement training methods? This is what you are going to know in this detail. These methods involve introducing the reinforcing stimulus for your dog that follows up behavior to make it more likely to happen again in the future. The outcomes, rewards, or events of the actions are favorable; your dog tends to give the same response each time. This technique strengthens the desired behavior of your dog.

Shepsky Mix baby

The key to using these positive reinforcement training methods is that your dog will develop a sense of trust towards you and will be ever-ready to get consistent guidance every single day. This is the best way to strengthen your companionship bond with your dog, and also, you will see some amazingly positive training results in the behaviors of your god.

Maintain a high-energy level during training sessions 

This fact is already known that these German Shepherd Husky Mix can be about 90 pounds in weight, hence making them larger breeds in general. For larger breeds, it is pretty evident that you must not over-exercise them too early in life before letting their growth plates get fused permanently. The reason behind suggesting this to you is that researchers have found out that if the larger dogs are provided with too much intensive exercise at a very early age, like hikes or long runs, they are more likely to get ligament damage and irreversible bone and muscle problems.

However, this can turn out difficult for some naturally high-energy dogs like German Shepherd Husky Mix dogs. During the growth period, your puppy will be going through a lot of challenging painting scenarios: including growing pains, teething, and coat transition, etc.

So, it would help if you kept your puppy distracted from this pain by indulging with them in different training activities so that you wouldn’t get bored of the routine and avoid chewing your furniture and digging up your yard.

How you can do this is as follows:

  • Getting involved with your puppy is an active, energetic, and playful activity.
  • Break the training sessions into smaller and shorter interactive ones.
  • Introduce training rewards during playtime: this will help your dog keep moving with the same energy through all its training sessions.
  • Introduce some fantastic games like tug-of-war, throwing a ball, playing fetch, playing an interactive puzzle game, and such.

Note:  The purpose of these activities is to maintain an interactive training session with your dog and maintain the consistency of the training and the interest of your dog in the process. When you do it well, you will get a socialized puppy that will listen to you, show good behavior, get exhausted at the end of the day, and fall asleep soundly.

So, these were some essential things that you can do to train your puppy well to help it turn into a fantastic adult in the future. It all depends upon how you handle your pup and let it know some things to act accordingly.

Some Amazing Characteristics of Full Grown German Shepherd Husky Mix

These dogs inherit some of the best traits of both their parents and thus are known doe their unique characters and traits. These traits make them attractive in their existence and make them highly desirable by all pet lovers. They have become one of the most popular dogs these days with dog lovers, and their traits make them different from a lot of other breeds.

Adult Gerberian Shepskies fully gorwn vs puppy

Following are some of the characteristics of this dog that you need to know:

  • These dogs can be larger and are not suitable for apartment living; they need space and larger homes to show their moves and temperament.
  • The height and weight of these dogs are about 20-25 inches and almost 88-90 pounds, respectively.
  • They can efficiently survive both hot and cold weather, but they live best in cold areas. They best survive the cold due to their dense coat, but the ideal temperature that they live in must range from -10 to -15 degrees.
  • These dogs are found in various colors, including white (Full-grown German shepherd husky mix white), brown, black, red, grey, and many others.
  • These dogs have pointed ears, with blue and sometimes dual-colored eyes. The eye color makes them even more attractive.
  • This breed has extremely high energy in it and needs daily exercise time.
  • They love to pay, are friendly, loyal, and affectionate. However, they can turn out to be dangerous to strangers out of their protective instincts for their owners.

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Are Gerberian Shepskies Good to have? 

In terms of personality traits and characteristics, these dogs make great companions to have. They alleviate your loneliness and accompany you wherever you go, whether on a hike, walking, playing, or any other place. They have such high energy in them that they keep you active and playful all the time.

They are loyal and affectionate and protect you from every danger that they feel to surpass you. Inheriting the traits of both the parents, when you rear up the little puppy, and it becomes a full-grown German Shepherd Husky Mix, you get attached to it so much and love its existence in your house.

You will love this dog for whatever it is naturally, but whether your friends, neighbors and other pets are going to love this or not depends entirely upon how you train it in its puppyhood. Its early life training will shape its personality for the rest of its life, and preparing it well is your responsibility.


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