Cute German shepherd husky mix

Cute German Shepherd Husky Mix

The cute German shepherd husky mix variety, often known as the Gerberian Shepsky, is intelligent and brave. Some speculate that this breed was produced in the 1980s only for the sake of its visual attractiveness.


The German Shepherd Husky Mix is an attractive hybrid. The Shepsky is a hybrid between the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky dog species. These medium-sized, active, and devoted dogs acquired some of their parents’ most exemplary traits. However, the historical roots of this breed remain uncertain. Therefore, the Dog Registry now classifies this breed as a Hybrid.

Prepare to discover the German Shepherd-Siberian Husky cross. The naming of this mixed-breed dog is an interesting point, as it is for many other mixed-breed canines.

General characteristics of Cute German Shepherd husky mix

Activity  high
Weight 35 to 85 pounds
Height 20 to 26 inches
Life span 10 to 15 years
Health problems Progressive retinal atrophy, ear infections, hip dysplasia
Temperament Aggressive dogs
Coat color Brown, white, golden, and black

baby shepsky

Facts about cute German shepherd husky mix

  • Trainability

Depending on whose parent the puppy gets more from, they might be a bit obstinate when it relates to training. Fortunately, german shepherd huskies are incredibly clever and have the superior cognitive ability, allowing them to speed through behavior training (if they want).

  • Grooming

These are not low-shedding breeds. these cute German shepherd husky mix will lose a bunch during the shedding period and perhaps more significant (spring or autumn). Aside from regular coat combing, dogs require all of the standard grooming necessities. Brushing one’s teeth, bathing, and cutting a dog’s nail are all required.

  • Adaptability

A husky german shepherd mix will struggle to acclimatize to a hot environment. The cute German shepherd husky mix will get by, but they’re happier when it’s chilly. In terms of living arrangements, don’t expect to retain these animals if you reside in a flat. It’ll make them insane.

  • Activity

You should expect them to be energetic because they are a crossbreed of performing and a herding dog. That being said, vigorous activity is essential — and enough of it! Plan them to be engaged for up to two hours every day. Expect some negative behaviour if you don’t get enough bodily exercise.

beautiful shepsky mix

Why does everyone love German shepherd mixes?

  • Excellent watchdogs. This behavior was passed on to them from their parents. They might, however, be extreme barkers.
  • Intelligent. Due to “ their superior cognitive ability, they understand things faster than other breeds.
  • Loyal. They will always prioritize you above themselves.
  • Affectionate. Because they are loving, they are faithful and friendly. So prepare to spend the entire day petting them.

German shepherd parent

Unlike some of the other large breeds, such as the Pitsky, the Siberian husky german shepherd progenitors are both of comparable height and form, which means that they will develop regularly.

Cute German shepherd husky mix

As a result, their size and mass will be more consistent, and their colouring will most likely resemble their parents. However, like with any mixed breed, there will be some variance due to the diverse genes at work.

Husky Shepherd mix health problems

Despite being strong and healthy dogs in general, there are a couple of health issues to be aware of. And, as usual, if you’re thinking about getting a german husky, understanding its parents’ medical history is essential.

  • Ear Infections

This animal has a pair of fuzzy ears. While this hair provides insulation, it can also lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust, leading to illness.

To maintain those bright ears hygienic, wash them out daily and keep an eye out for any initial indications of inflammation, such as irritation or itching.

  • Cancer

It’s challenging to acknowledge, but both German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies are prone to cancer. So though it is doubtful, there is always the possibility.

And, like with other disorders, early identification makes a significant distinction in medication choices and effectiveness.

  • Eye Conditions

The energetic german shepherd is susceptible to eye problems, including dog glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, juvenile cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Therefore, it is critical to maintain a focus on such eyes and get them examined for any anomalies frequently. Though therapies are far from ideal, early detection can help to safeguard your dog’s vision.

cute puppy

  • elbow and hip Dysplasia

This vulnerability may be traced back to both parent lineages. What follows is that aberrant growth develops in the elbows and hips, resulting in everything from chronic discomfort to significant movement limitation. Their joints might become weak and unsteady, making motion hard.

Cute German shepherd husky mix temperament

A Gerberian Shepsky, a cross between two working dog breeds, will be full of activity and intellect. If adequately encouraged, they become bright dogs with a passion for learning and a profound commitment to their masters. They are also compassionate and observant.

Staying up with a Gerberian Shepsky, on the other side, is no simple task. Their primary feature is their extraordinary degree of activity. As a result, it takes a top-tier master to match their personality to their pet correctly. 


Because the Shepsky is a relatively new mixed breed, there are limited size requirements. However, shepskies, due to their German Shepherd and Siberian Husky parents, are expected to be moderate to big.

Most measure 45 to 88 pounds and stand 20 to 25 inches tall at the chest. Most husky mixes can, however, be shorter or bigger.

Husky Mixed With German Shepherd Exercise Requirements

Do Husky and German Shepherd mix dogs require a lot of activity and training? The response is YES, YES, YES! Because their progenitors are guard dogs, they have boundless stamina and can participate in vigorous exercise without tiring. What they require is a frequent workout to sustain and enhance their strength and stamina. At the absolute least, you’ll need to devote a significant amount of time outside with your pet at the dog park every day.

Your dog requires some period off-leash. Even if you’re exhausted, you must make an effort to exercise the dog. What kind of engagement or activity your dogs need is determined by their drive and personality. If they are more Siberian Husky than German Shepherd, they may love to run for hours every day rather than follow instructions.

cute Gerberian Shepsky puppy

The Shepsky’s Coat

Gerberian Shepskies come in a variety of hues, but they will always have a dense double coating. So, while they may like running about and playing in colder, snowy conditions, they will be less than thrilled to even take light exercise in suffocating heat.

Darker fur is much more dominant, while lighter hues are recessive. This implies that even if one parent has light hair, the other has a darker coat, the born dog is more likely to develop dark fur themselves.

The colors of these cute German shepherd husky mix are as follows:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Pepper
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Light Brown
  • Golden

As for the coat, the German Shepherd Husky Mix has a double coat that may either be long or short and has a fluffy appearance—just like that of the Huskies.

German Shepherd Husky Mixes And Families

German Shepherd Husky Mixes may get along well with kids and other animals if they are socialized and taught from a young age. It does, however, have an aggressive disposition, and without appropriate socialization or training, it may cause problems with rodent-type animals or even cats.

They might also be highly possessive of their offspring and other family members. If they believe that the people they care about are in threat, they may bite outsiders, so keep an eye out for this type of behavior. We all understand that each dog is different. Therefore you must socialize them properly to avoid any unpleasant events.

best cute Gerberian Shepsky husky mix

Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix Price

The cost of a Siberian Husky German Shepherd dog is a primary consideration for many buyers looking for a large dog breed. Having a puppy with Siberian Husky or German Shepherd ancestry might be prohibitively expensive for many first-time buyers.

Fortunately for them, the Siberian Husky German Shepherd is a reasonably priced dog. A reputable breeder will sell you one for $400 to $500. This is far less expensive than the $1000 or more cost label of Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds.

Search and Rescue operations

Since Shepskies are a hybrid breed, it may be challenging to identify a breed-specific shelter. However, you might want to look into German Shepherd Dog or Siberian Husky breed-specific organizations since they frequently look for mixed breeds. Here are several possible rescue organizations:

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Raven’s Husky Haven and Rescue

Final Thoughts

Lastly, The Gerberian Shepskies are naturally watchful and can serve as guard dogs to make you feel more comfortable at the house. They are not purebreds. However, bear in an account that this may indicate a predisposition for barking, so if you wish to keep calm and silent, promoting a more calm temperament in the animal from its initial years is essential.

Overall, these are cute German shepherd husky mix friendly and faithful bundles of activity that get along well with people who can go toe to toe with them. If you enjoy being outside and an active lifestyle, you will discover a companion who will accompany you on your adventures. After a full day of action, they will be just as happy as you to settle down and unwind indoors.


  • Leonard C. Santistevan

    Leonard is a passionate dog lover and experienced writer who focuses on Shepskies, a crossbreed between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. With a keen interest in dog behavior and training, Leonard has dedicated their career to educating Shepsky owners about the unique traits of this intelligent and active breed. Leonard's articles provide valuable insight into Shepsky health, nutrition, and exercise needs, and offer practical tips for teaching them new tricks and improving their socialization skills.

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