Corgi German Shepherd Mix Puppy (Corgi & Akita Mix) – Information & Pictures

Corgi German shepherd mix is a crossbreed of German shepherd and Corgi; it is also known as Croman Shepherd. The size of a Corgi German shepherd is between 12 to 15 inches, and its weight is around 20 to 70 pounds: Corgi German are smaller than German shepherds.

Corgi German shepherd mix is famous among dogs due to their cuteness they are adorable, loving, delightful, and loyal family animals when they have a good leader for their care. They have long pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes with brown or hazel color. They come in different coat colors their coats are a mix of two or more colors.

They are very intelligent and friendly to people they love, thus Corgi German make excellent family pets. They are the happiest dog when they have any job to do, and Corgi German prefers to be the only pet in the house, and thus special training is required to shape their behavior. so explore everything about corgi and Akita mix puppies here.

Characteristics of Corgi German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Corgi German Shepherd Mix

  • They are very friendly to the people they know or love; most prefer being only the sole pet however, they get good interactions when introduced to the other pets, ideally during their puppyhood.
  • They enjoy spending their time with children having the same energy level, and children also know how to play with them.
  • Most of the Corgi German pets are healthy, and they remain fit throughout life when provided with good care.
  • They are energetic and playful: they love to be outside and need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day.

Corgi German Shepherd Mix Highlights

SIZE Medium-sized dog
HEIGHT 12-15 inches
WEIGHT 20-70 pounds
SHEDDING Heavy shedding in summers
COAT TYPE Medium to long with double-layer coating
ENERGY LEVEL Highly energetic
LIFESPAN 12 to 15 years

Corgi German Shepherd Mix Vs. German Shepherd Lab Mix

Unique Color Of Corgi German Shepherd Mix

SIZE Medium-sized dog Medium to large-sized dog
WEIGHT 20-70 pounds 60-95 pound
HIGHT 12-15 inches 20-27 inches
COAT TYPE Medium-long double coat Short or medium-long double coat
SHEDDING Heavy, seasonal shedding Heavy, seasonal shedding
ENERGY LEVEL Very energetic Powerfully energetic
LIFESPAN 12-15 years 10-14 years


  • Both these dogs are known for their intelligence, energy, and loyalty.
  • Both of them are athletic.
  • Both these dogs have the same amount of energy level.
  • Both these dogs can live in both hot and cold environments.
  • Both these dogs need at least 60 minutes of exercise in one day to remain healthy and energetic.
  • Both these dogs are very loyal and delightful animals.
  • Both dogs’ heavy seasonal shedding makes them more beautiful and attractive.


Black And Gray German Shepherd Puppies

  • The main difference between these dogs is that Corgi German Shepherd Mix is a medium-sized dog while on the other hand German Shepherd Husky Lab Mix is a medium to large size dog and increases over time.
  • Corgi German shepherd always wants to be the only sole pet in the house, while on the other hand, German Shepherd Husky Lab Mix can live with others pets in the same house as well.
  • German Shepherd Husky mix is more friendly while, on the other hand, Corgi German Shepherd mix is also friendly but sometimes can be stubborn.

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Should You Own Corgi German Shepherd Mix?

Corgi Mutts German Shepherd

German Shepherds Akita Corgi Mix puppies are very loyal family animals; they are more loveable to their leaders. If you don’t have any allergies or issues with their heavy shedding, there is no wrong keeping them at home.

They play an essential role in keeping you active because they love to spend most of their time outside, and they need to exercise at least one hour a day. They have high protective instincts for their owners and thus keep them protected from strangers and dangers they feel around.

Besides, the best part of having these dogs whenever you go somewhere to the park or playing or somewhere else is always with you with joys. If you have children at home, you don’t need to worry because they love to play with children and love to spend time with them.

They are the cutest among other dogs. If people saw, they can’t stay without touching them and playing with them if they are dog lovers. They seem adorable to the people around them and cause attraction; their intelligence plays a vital role in making them adore these puppies for what they are.

They are the rare ones who make their importance more, and many dogs lover wants to have them as their pet.

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