Chihuahua Husky Mix – A Rare Yet Adorable Breed

Chihuahua Husky Mix

Chihuahua Husky Mix – A Rare Yet Adorable Breed

Have you seen an unreal dog? Chihuahua husky mixes are the ones. The breed is quite impossible, but it is surely for real. However, the known breed is a mix of two-parent breeds, chihuahua and Siberian husky, hence known as chi-husky. The highly energetic breed is all you need if you are looking for one. A loving family would be lucky enough to own the wonderful breed.

Moreover, Siberian huskies are the mother breed. Interestingly, similar to other breeds, chi-husky cannot afford to carry the babies of male huskies because they are small in size, and it may cause any inconvenience, and one of those can be their death.

Chihuahua Husky Mix

More About Chi-Husky

The sweet and sassy chi-husky is the national dog of Mexico. However, it is the smallest dog breed on the earth. Moreover, the chi-husky is the descendant of Techichi. If we talk about their height, they are 6 to 9 inches tall, whereas having 3 to 6 pounds weight. The breed is quite bossy irrespective of its size.

The breed is the “purse dog” because it easily fits into the designer bags. Interestingly, all the chi-husky are not the same. There are two variations in the breed. One has an apple head, while the other has a deer head. Moreover, the dog shows only prefers the apple head chi-huskies.

Since it is a mixed breed, no one can tell about its temperament. However, the owners usually learn about the parent’s breed first to understand chi-husky.

Why Should You Not Get A Chihuahua Husky?

Let us have a look at some of the reasons why you should not opt for the chi-husky breed:

  • The chi-husky breed can be aggressive at times. However, owning one can be quite troublesome for you. Insufficient training may make your dog violent, and it can bite or harm you. Also, you need to socialize these dogs as soon as possible, or they are quite destructive.
  • The chi-husky breed does not get along well with small children. However, the parent breeds get quite well with small children, and they are quite comfortable being around small children. Moreover, the chi-husky does not even like playing with small children no matter what.
  • Owing chi-husky can be big trouble because of their unknown health issues. It’s a mixed and rare breed, and nobody can suspect the health issues associated with its cure. The rare breed may inherit unknown genetic problems unknown to many owners.

Why Should You Not Get A Chihuahua Husky

Why Should You Get A Chi-Husky?

Now let’s come to some positive sides of the chihuahua husky mix.

  • The chihuahua husky mix is a rare breed with unique looks. The breed is cuter than other husky mixes. Moreover, the unexpected combination breed is not known to many people. The pet is unusual hence it is easily recognized among other pets.
  • It comes from a mixed breed. Therefore they have combined traits of both. Even more, the intelligent dog is sassy too. However, it possesses a loving, funny, and quirky personality. So getting bored of this dog is not even something to ponder over.
  • The life expectancy of chi-husky is long, and they can live for a decade. Furthermore, if you care for the breed, they will surely live long and healthy. So one can enjoy being around their dog for many years.

Chihuahua Husky Mix Appearance

The breed resembles both parent breeds. Moreover, their eyes can vary from blue to multi-colored or brown eyes, while they have a dark nose and pointed ears similar to that of a husky.

What is the size of a chi-husky?

Chi-husky has a very small size compared to the Siberian husky. Hence their hybrid offspring’s size will vary depending on the parent’s genes. As mentioned above, the breed is 6 to 15 inches tall while weighing 3 to 6 pounds.

Furthermore, the breed has short legs. The breed can easily be accommodated in an apartment, but if you own a yard where there is a huge space for the dog to roam around, it would be the ideal situation for your dog. It is because they are energetic and love playing.

What is the size of a chi-husky

Coat and color

The coat of the chi-husky depends on its parent breeds. If their parent is long-haired or short-haired, their coat will be similar to that of the parent breeds. However, they have a smooth coat having short to medium-length hairs. Chi-husky comes in various colors.


The chi-husky has a mixed personality inherited from the parent breed. Regardless of the size, the breed is quite energetic and friendly. Besides, though the breed is small, they surely possess huge personalities. The dog can be bossy and arrogant at times, but you need to train them properly so that they avoid such behavior.

Chihuahua Husky Mix For Sale

Chihuahua husky mix is available for sale at rescue shelters. Moreover, you should probably start searching for the rescue shelter organizations from where you can easily get the pups. Many dogs are looking for suitable owners as they want affection. It would be best if you contact a legitimate breeder who is trustworthy.

A licensed breeder knows the dogs’ well-being and understands their health conditions well. The breeder may also provide you the accurate information about the dog’s health status. Interestingly, the authentic breeder will always answer your questions concerning the dog.

Also, consider getting your pet from a breeder only and not from the online store. They might have obtained the puppies from an illegal puppy mill. Also, these puppy mills look for clients from whom they can get huge profits, which is their main concern.

So always contact the licensed breeders as they are well aware of the health conditions of the mother and the pup. Getting a high-quality dog is only possible through a licensed breeder. However, chihuahua husky mix price varies from $500 to $1000.

Chihuahua Husky Mix For Sale

The Chi-Husky’s Grooming Requirements

You can decide the grooming requirement of the chihuahua husky mix as per their coat. The dog is likely to have mid-length hair, so light shedding is expected. But investing in a good quality vacuum will work wonders as it will help you clean the shedding, whether occasional or regular.

No matter what type of coat your chi-husky posses, you need to groom them every 2-3 weeks. This routine will prevent hair fall greatly and play a vital role in making your pup’s skin shiny and healthy.

Moreover, your chihuahua husky mix puppy needs a bath only when required. However, they don’t need a regular bath because it may dry their skin out. Besides, regular bathing may also dry some of the oil naturally present in their skin.

Additionally, it is essential to check your pup’s ears and clean them regularly. There must be no infection in their ears, so you must dry them well after cleaning. They surely need nail trimming before encountering any splitting and breakage. A broken nail may bother your pup to the extent that it may hurt them.

Chi-Husky Health Problems

Every breed is prone to major or minor health conditions. Some breeds indicate visible health conditions, while some breeds are rare, and their health conditions are not known. You can maintain your pup’s health by regularly getting your pup checked with the veterinarian and feeding them the right diet.

Health issues related to these pups may affect your purchasing decision. However, if you opt for a recognized breeder, you will have to think less regarding the health issues as the breeder himself will ensure you guarantee the pup.

The breeder has a health history of every dog they have. They also have health clearances of both, chihuahua husky mix full grown and Siberian husky. Also, do not opt for a breeder who fails to provide sufficient health information regarding the pup you wish to buy.

Chi-Husky Health Problems

Notably, the chi-husky breed is considered healthy compared to the original dogs. Moreover, there are several health conditions associated with the chi-husky breed, and they are as under:

  • Cataracts
  • Brachycephaly
  • Dental problems
  • Collapsing trachea
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hearth disease
  • Liver shunt
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Luxating patella
  • Progressive retinal atrophy

Chi-Husky Food Requirements

Every dog has different food requirements in terms of food. Different dogs need different diet plans. Depending on the age and size of your pet, you need to decide their food. Moreover, chi-husky has some customized food requirements. You can only achieve the desired food supplement through trial and error.

Also, keep in mind that you serve high-quality dry food to your dog, considering the hygiene factors. Moreover, consider choosing consistent brands with using meats in their ingredients. However, the ingredient should have fewer additives and grains.

In addition, your pet’s weight matters a lot, no matter what size it is. Obesity is the biggest issue that many dogs have to face. Also, obesity can cause health problems among dogs. Moreover, huskies are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. You can easily get food for your dog from any brand of your choice.

Chi-Husky Food Requirements

Chi-Husky Exercising Needs

You must not get fooled out by your chi-husky’s size. It needs a regular dose of exercise. With your dog’s training, you need to take them for some exercise regularly. However, the dog is perfectly fine with a good walk or an hour of exercise. However, if you have a fenced-in backyard, the pup can freely roam around without hesitation.

Also, make sure that your dog is not forced to over-exercise, especially if it has an apple head. Their dog skull may easily catch a disability known as brachycephaly. However, it may also cause pain, snoring, breathing difficulty, respiratory diseases, etc.

Importantly, your pup may not like heat at all. These pups are sensitive to heat. No doubt that the dogs can roam around in hot weather but still, it’s not safe to let your dog roam in extremely hot weather.

If you want to keep your dog busy with some activities, then bring him a suitable toy that keeps your dog not only mentally engaged but physically engaged too. A useful toy plays a vital role in eliminating destructive thoughts from your dog’s mind and makes him happy at the same time.

Lets us have a look at some of the toys that you can bring in for your pup:

  • Kong rubber dog chew toy

Since the day the kong rubber dog chew toy was introduced, its sales didn’t decrease. It is one of the bestseller toys among other toys. The toy soothes your dog greatly and keeps them occupied for hours. You can also use it as a fetching toy. Besides, filling the toy with delicious treats for the dogs can increase their motivation. However, it also increases their cognitive skills where they think about how to get those treats out of the toy.

Chi-Husky Exercising Needs

  • Mammoth floss chews cotton-blend 3-knit rope tug

Mammoth floss is yet another interesting toy for your pup. The toy can be a great source of fun and joy for your pup. Also, you can use the toy as a tug of war game with your dog. Meanwhile, your dog can spend hours chewing the toy. Moreover, such toys have fibers in them, which helps your dog to floss their teeth.

  • Outward hound hide-a-squirrel dog toy

Many dog owners perceive this toy to be the best one for their dogs. Even more, the toy has multiple sizes, and it is affordable also.

Chihuahua Husky Mix Overview

Weight 3 to 6 pounds
Height 6 to 9 inches tall
Size Small to medium
Coat type Short to medium
Coat colors Grey, tan, black, white, and a combination of other colors
Shedding Yes, occasional shedding
Eyes Multi-colored, brown, or blue
Ears Erect
Nose Dark
Temperament Intelligent, friendly, bossy, arrogant if not trained well

Chihuahua Husky Mix Overview


The chihuahua husky mix is surely not for all dog lovers. It is a mixed breed of parents, Siberian husky (mother) and chihuahua (father). Moreover, it is a rare breed, and you cannot identify with what personality trait the dog will come to you. The dogs can be stubborn at times if they are not trained properly. Hence, initial training with a consistent emphasis on training throughout their growth is necessary.

The breed needs proper exercise and food plans. However, they find themselves happy with toys too. They would spend hours playing with the toys. Giving them the right toys will keep them occupied, but they will learn to explore the toy. Moreover, the chihuahua husky mix for adoption is available at different rescue shelter organizations.


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