Blue Heeler German Shepherd Husky Mix Guide

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Husky Mix information

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Husky Mix Guide

Do you know what you get when you come across a blue heeler German shepherd husky mix dog? You get unique hybrids, which most of you are unaware of. Mainly, blue heeler German Shepherd dogs are the result of recent crossbreed. According to our estimation, this hybrid was developed almost 30 years ago, and we consider it a working dog.

In addition, they have a lot of power and perform their tasks very well. They are always loyal, strong, and courageous here, whether you use them as a guard dog or livestock helper. However, the picture of a blue heeler German shepherd husky mix puppy is enough to melt your heart.

Here, you will get complete details about the characteristics, training, personality traits, and health issues. So, let’s explore the complete details about the blue heeler German shepherd dog.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

Do you want a blue-eyed Shepsky mix?

Weight 30 to 95 lbs
Height 18 to 26 inches
Breed German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix
Temperament Very intelligent, powerful, loyal, and energetic.
Health The normal lifetime is 7 to 16 years. It needs an active lifestyle because genetic diversity can reduce hereditary risks.
Price Around $500 minimum
Training Good training is important because they are very trainable.
Coat Colour They are found in the colours of black, brown, golden, whitish. Mostly a combination of two or more colours with the presence of bluish specks.
The total amount of shedding Heavy
Service Companionship, guard dog, or service dog.

We consider blue heeler German shepherd husky mix a designer dog because it crosses blue heeler dogs and German shepherds. In this manner, this cross breeding blue heeler husky mix dog is more powerful, working, and strong than its competitors. Besides this, they are also very loyal to their owners and protect them also.

blue-heeler gerberian shepsky mix

As you know, blue heeler and German shepherd dogs are members of herding groups, so their offspring are very good. That’s why the crossing results very well, and we get a perfect blend in the firm of blue heeler German shepherd mix.

Origin of blue heeler German shepherd mix

Primarily, the historical background of blue heeler German shepherd husky mix dog is very mysterious because it is the result of a perfect blend as the dog was created around 30 years ago. Hence, it is essential to have complete information about the origin of the dog. Most probably, the origin of blue heeler German shepherd mix is the harsh climate of the Australian Outback. Here the early stock of dogs that were used in developing this species are:

  • Smithfield is the most sturdy and powerful dog that is found in the Isles of British.
  • Dingo is the most popular Australian dog, which is famous for wild activities.
  • Blue Smooth Coated Highland Collies are the aggressive heelers found in 1840 with the help of NSW cattle farmers.
  • Bull Terrier became popular among the public in the 1870s and was a perfect companion for enhancing stockiness.
  • Dalmatian is the most loyal dog to its owners, and it is very demanding just because of its loyalty.

According to the latest research, they tend to be more possessive and aggressive. That’s why it is essential to know the socialization of your blue heeler German shepherd mix puppy.

Blue heeler Shepsky puppies for sale:

Undoubtedly, it is essential to get a breeder with a good reputation when the question comes to buying any dog. In this sense, a suitable and reliable breeder is the best option to see whether the puppies are a good match with your personality and your family. However, it is the most important step that you need to consider for buying a canine companion.

Husky mixed with blue heeler

Besides this, you may have several blue heeler German shepherd mix options for sale, but you must check the health condition of both parents and puppies. For good care after, you must notify breeders how they take care of the dog. In addition, check the price tag, pictures, and the complete information necessary to know.

The personality of this mix dog:

Chiefly, there is no doubt in the fact that your heart will surely melt at the very first look at your blue heeler German shepherd mix dog. In addition, they have a classic personality and are found in many colors. Most probably, more of these dogs have a skin color with a combination of more than 2 colors.

However, it is the first thing you need to keep in mind that crossbreeding never guarantees the exact personality you want. To get a better understanding, it is beneficial to study the breeds of parents. Mainly, the most common attributes that both parents share are power and bravery. In this way, they have a compelling personality with great loyalty.

So, they are very loyal to their owners and can protect them all the time, just like bodyguards. That’s why these dogs are perfect for word and play because they have good ethics and intelligence. Moreover, they are very stubborn and steadfast, so they become angry with the strangers. While you are going their training, you must ensure that your dog gets simple and clear commands.

Here is information about the Dalmatian German Shepherd Husky Mix dog.

Gerberian Shepsky Blue Heeler Mix Facts German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix Facts

Health Problems:

Here, the full-grown German Shepherd Blue heeler mix may face more health issues than the puppies. Although they are pretty healthy and strong, there are many chances of health issues. Well, the main reason is that a puppy gets all the health issues in inheritance from parents. Furthermore, not all dogs will suffer from health issues, but still, there is a need for extra care.

However, these disorders include hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, deadness, ad eye disorders. As Blue Heeler German Shepherd’s lifespan is 10 to 14 years, it may reduce due to these disorders. To ensure all the health issues, you must buy the dog from a popular breeder.

Well, the people’s primary concern is the present time is just about the dog breed health. Over the past few years, many health issues of blue heeler German shepherd husky mix dog have come to us. Although they prove a great crossbreeding, this breeding also causes many fatal health issues. To avoid all these health issues, the only best solution is to maintain the breeding programs. The great breeding program will surely produce genetic diversity and control health issues for future generations.

3 things to know before adopting it

Most probably, three major reasons will surely melt your heart, and you will decide to get one. So, these three reasons are:

  1. First of all, it is very protective and proves an excellent guard dog in all situations.
  2. Secondly, they are very intelligent and learns everything quickly.
  3. Due to great power and strength, the digits are ready for everything. In addition, it is very energetic and alert with great leadership skills.

A Complete Guide To The Blue Heeler Gerberian Shepsky mix

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big will a German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix get?

Most probably, your hybrid dog can get the height of 18 to 26 inches tall with perfect physical and mental stimulation.

Blue Heelers bark a lot?

No, they don’t bard a lot, but they are very protective of your home. In this manner, they are wary, and these qualities make them a great guard. Moreover, they have a loving nature towards their owners.

Are blue heeler dogs aggressive?

Yes, these dogs are very aggressive to strangers, and they begin to show more power and start barking over strangers.

Do Blue Heelers shed a lot?

Like other double-coated breeds of dogs, these dogs also have a thick undercoat, making them moderate throughout the year. During spring and autumn, they suffer more shedding due to blowing air. So, with necessary care, you can easily reduce the shedding problem.

How big will a Husky heeler mix get?

Well, the approximate weight of the Husky heeler mix is almost 40 to 65 pounds, with the height limit from 18 to 25 inches.

Are German Shepherd husky mix good dogs?

Yes, they are very strong and smart with great personality. Moreover, they work as guard dogs to protect families.

Is it a German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix?

Mainly, it is a cross between German Shepherd and Blue Heeler, which results in a crossbreed.


For those people and families, who want to enjoy an active lifestyle with a dog, a blue heeler German shepherd husky mix dog is the best companion for you. Due to their great personality and work, these dogs are very demanding, and they protect you in all ways. In this manner, this loyal dog is a perfect fit for you. Above all, you need to make sure that you buy your puppy from a reputable breeder who ensures the dog’s health.


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