Black German Shepherd Husky Mix (Shepsky Lab Mixed Dog Breed)

black german shepherd husky mix temperament

Black German Shepherd Husky Mix (Shepsky Lab Mixed Dog Breed)

Black German shepherd husky mix is the combination of German Shepherd and the Husky with striking characters of both. This mix breed has pure black color and has a fantastic attraction for dog lovers who love to keep this mix as a pet. Like any other breed of these two parents, this one also has a powerful aura of character traits and personality that you need to know before you adopt it to keep with you.

black german shepherd puppies and dog
Black Shepsky mix

Black German Shepherd Husky at a Glance

Here are some things that you need to know about this Black and tan German Shepherd Husky Mix:

Parent Breeds Siberian Husky and German Shepherd
Color Mostly brown or black and white
Age 10-14 years
Height 20-25 inches
Weight 88 to 90 pounds
Coat length Medium to long
Friendliness with Kids Very friendly
General Health Good
Personality Loyal, smart, intelligent, affectionate, highly energetic
Exercise needs Highly needed
Energy Level Extremely high
Need for socialization Extremely needed at an early age
Shedding Medium to long
Apartment living Not suitable
Grooming Needs Needs brushing once or twice a week
Food needs Needs high calorie and protein food

Physical Appearance

Black Siberian Husky mix

This hybrid species is an all-black German shepherd husky mix with about 20 to 25 inches of height, around 88 to 90 pounds of weight. Also, it comes with blue eyes or dual-eye color that enhances the beauty of its existence.

It has a long body with pointed ears, with a thick, large, and dense coat all over the body. They look strikingly significant in their physical Appearance and charm any dog lover that has the slightest attraction towards keeping this breed.

  • Food Requirements

These dogs are more significant and thus have different demands for food in general. Keeping their size, age, and general activities in mind, you must feed this dog a proper food diet.

Based on its high-energy composition within this great-looking body, they need a high-calorie diet and protein-rich food that could help it maintain the activeness to show some fantastic moves and divert its energy into productive things.

black gerberian shepsky husky mix

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Note: Keep one thing in mind: these puppies require more calories than any other pet needs for their growth. These are highly active and working dogs and thus require around 1,700 to 2,400 calories in a day. 

  • Need for Space and Area

This is highly known and a fact that these puppies have higher energy level than those of any other breed of dogs. To keep up with their daily life activities and project their energy into some amazing playful things, you must provide them ample space to run and perform other activities.

  • Exercise Needs

Again, due to their high energy, they need daily exercise time. This is because they need to project their energies anywhere else in some other physical activities or get bored and show some temperament issues.

When they get bored, they can be highly dangerous for the people around; they start to bark, chew things that come along, and even destroy the furniture of your house. This thing is highly unacceptable, and if you want them to avoid throwing these tantrums at you, you must give them proper time for their daily exercise.

  • Intelligent/ Easy to Train

These dogs are intelligent enough to pick up all the concepts and techniques you introduce to them, so it becomes easier for you to train them and make them behave according to your requirements.

You can train them by playing games, setting some rewards for the actions, socializing them at an early age, and do many other things that might introduce some positive change in their behavior.

Black Gerberian Shepsky Husky Mix
  • Need for Early Socialization

These dogs are highly affectionate, loyal, and protective of their owners. Their protective instincts for their owners make them react dangerously sometimes towards other people and animals in general.

So, your dog must learn the socialization in its puppyhood. When you get this Black lab German Shepherd Husky Mix to your home, keep meeting with new people and the animals at your home. This will help it to condition its behavior under specific conditions.

  • Adaptability

These medium to large-sized dogs are highly energetic and thus need an open space for running and other activities. It is thus essential to know that if you plan to keep this dog with you in an apartment, it might not be a great idea to do so. It gets boring if it doesn’t get enough space and time to play and do exercise; thus, it can be dangerous for you and the other people living around you.

These dogs are adaptive to both hot and cold environments but can survive cold better. It can live in an environment with a temperature ranging between -10 and -15 degrees. They shed their coat in summers, and thus summers can become a bit uncomfortable for them due to their extreme heat and temperatures.

latest black german shepherd husky mix breed
  • Shedding

These dogs are heavy shedders. All pets shed, but what these dogs can do in your area is a bit unimaginable: they leave fur all around your house. The intensity of shedding depends on quite a lot on the species and differs from one breed to another. Still, these black German shepherd husky mix, due to their double-coat, are exceptionally heavy shedders.

  • Over-all Friendliness

This breed of dog inherits quite a lot of friendly nature from its Husky parent, but due to its genes matching with German Shepherd parent, they can show excessive protectiveness also.

They are loyal and affectionate, and very friendly with kids but can show some anger towards the strangers due to their need for protecting their owner. However, this can be cured by training it to socialize during its puppyhood.

  • General Health

These Black German shepherd cross Husky are prone to health issues just like their parents’ breeds. The common health issues that they get are:

  • Elbow and Hip Dysplasia: This disease is a genetic one that it inherits from its German Shepherd parent. This disease causes the incorrect formation of a dog’s joints, as the result of which it can experience pain and even lose its hip or elbow in worst cases.
  • Ear Infections:  This disease is also inherited to the dog from its German Shepherd parent. Some dogs might inherit it in the form of allergies, while others get it infused into their immune system. However, no matter what type they tend to show, the most common symptom of this disease is that they experience a painful ear infection. You can take your dog to a vet to help out get out of this disease and live a longer and healthier life.
  • Cataracts:  This disease is associated with the Husky breed and is more likely to get inherited into the German Shepherd Husky Mix Breed. In this disease, the eye lenses of the dog get seriously infected, and they tend to show imperfections in the lenses. It affects the vision of your dog and even causes them to become disoriented.
  • Retinal Atrophy:  Juvenile cataracts and progressive retinal Atrophy is found in this hybrid dog. Both these ailments can occur at different times in your dog’s life, and each is diagnosed differently.

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All these diseases are common to have for this breed dog; however, you can make regular visits to the Vet and improve your dog’s diet so that it decreases their chances to get such diseases and will help it fight against the disease.

gerberian shepsky lab husky mix lifespan

Some Final Words 

These dog breeds are perfectly a great breed to own as a lone0time companion. It demands a lot of time and energy from you and keeps you fresh and active all the time. Its loyalty and affection are beyond measure, and it helps you get attached to it exceptionally.

So, if you are thinking of buying this puppy from a pet shop that says “Black German shepherd husky mix for sale,” you shouldn’t miss the chance and get the right companion for you right away. Your training will help it get through its personality issues, and it will meet all your requirements provided that you do the training sessions well.


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