Australian Shepherd Husky Mix – A Playful And Highly Energetic Dog

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix – A Playful And Highly Energetic Dog

As the name suggests, the Australian shepherd husky mix is a mixed breed from the parents’ Australian shepherd and Siberian husky breeds. Moreover, the mixed breed has some good traits, and they are quite protective and loyal to their owners.

Furthermore, the Australian shepherd husky is also known as Aussie Siberian. However, you can find them in rescue shelters if you want to adopt them. Furthermore, the pups love to enjoy the outdoors, and if you love hiking, you can have the best companion, Aussie Siberian, with you.

Moreover, the pup inherits many things from the parent breed, one of which is its working capability. They are highly active pups and want to exert their energy somewhere. Australian shepherd husky mix lifespan is between 10 to 13 years. Australian shepherd husky mix puppy is an incredible breed with quite amazing qualities

blue eyes color aussie husky mix

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Facts Chart

Weight 40 to 65 pounds
Height 18 to 25 inches
Size Medium
Coat-type Double coat
Coat color Black, tan, cream, brown, black, white
Shedding Moderate to heavily shedding breed
Eyes Brown, black, blue
Ears Floppy
Temperament Protective




Life expectancy 10-13 years

Some Facts About The Aussie Husky Mix

There are a few things that you are missing about Aussie Siberians. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about the pups:

  • Aussie Siberian is surely a mixed dog breed, and their parent is Australian shepherd (father) and Siberian husky (mother)
  • The main colors that the dogs have are black, tan, white, cream, and brown. However, it can also be the mixture of any of the two colors mentioned
  • The dogs tend to shed; therefore, people with allergies must not even think to keep them
  • Australian shepherd husky mix is a quite friendly pet for households with older children, but you need to supervise them if left alone with younger ones
  • The Aussie Siberians are highly energetic, as discussed. Moreover, they love exercise and require a one to two-hour exercise routine in the park. No doubt, they love being outdoors, but they are happy indoors
  • It is essential not to leave your dog unsupervised for a longer period. They may adopt unpleasurable habits like chewing and howling
  • Australian shepherd husky mix size is usually in between small to medium
  • Mini Aussie husky mix for adoption is available at many rescue shelters

mini aussie husky mix

A Brief History

Australian shepherd husky mix could have existed naturally, but the designer breeders intentionally mixed the two breeds, Australian shepherds and Siberian huskies. Moreover, the demand for the mixed breed increased, and the breeders kept creating healthy, strong, and highly active companion dogs.


The Aussie Siberians are designer breeds usually found in rescue shelters. Now without wasting more, let us have a look at these beautiful pup’s characteristics:


Since the Australian shepherd husky mix comes from a mixed breed, there are various thoughts about its size. If we compare its size with its parent breeds, then the size of the Aussie Siberian can be medium. Ideally, their weight ranges from 40 to 65 pounds. Moreover, their height is something between 18 to 25 inches. Their size can vary from pup to pup.

australian shepherd husky mix puppy for sale


The Aussie Siberian has a great personality, and they love loyal dogs. Furthermore, the pup is quite protective of the owner and can serve as the best companion as the owner can never feel lonely. The incredibly active pups are medium-sized and full of energy.

  • Working dogs

Additionally, they belong to working parents. The Siberian huskies are known as quite hard-working, and they used to pull snow sleds in Alaska. Moreover, the Australian shepherds were known for herding cattle and other animals. So, the Aussie Siberian has got this trait from their parents. The pup enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and other games like playing and catching. They love to thrive outdoors.

  • Fears from being alone

Unfortunately, the Australian shepherd husky mix does not like being alone for a long time. They want somebody to supervise them and surround them. However, if they don’t get the desired attention, they may get bored and not react normally. They may become angry and may be destructive too. Also, the dogs that don’t get required attention from the family may develop chewing and howling habits, which are not considered good.

  • Requires socialization

Like other dog breeds, the Aussie Siberian needs a good socializing time too early. Moreover, they also need early training because a lack of training may spoil them. They may not tend to obey the owner sometimes. The dog ideally needs a long walk, and you can make them walk in the local parks where they can interact with people and other animals just like them. Furthermore, you need to look at your dog’s behavior with other animals, too, because if they inherit a particular behavior from Siberian huskies, they may have DNA and adopt a prey drive.

Aussie husky mix puppy grey color


Similar to the parent breeds, the Aussie Siberian inherit some of the health conditions that their parents go through. Usually, most of the pups are healthy, and only some are prone to different health conditions. However, it becomes important to take them to regular veteran checkups, so their health is up to date.

There are multiple health conditions which the Australian shepherd husky mix may go through:

  1. Blood disease
  2. Hip dysplasia
  3. Elbow dysplasia
  4. Epilepsy


Like other pet dogs, Aussie Siberians do need some care. You must schedule their routine checkup with the veterinarian so that their health is not compromised at any point. The regular checkup will help you diagnose any health issues they have in an early stage. Furthermore, your dog’s vet will provide you with a regular care routine for your pup, which you can follow to keep your dog healthy.

  • Food plan

The Australian shepherd husky mix is prone to obesity and gains weight easily despite being highly active.

  • Eyes

Moreover, when it comes to eyes, you need to clean their eyes regularly with a clean cloth.

  • Ears

Besides, their ears also need cleaning, and you only need to remember that you don’t pour any liquid into their ear canal. Ensure the use of cotton balls instead of q-tips. However, the puppy’s ears can easily get infected, so check them weekly for the redness and unusual strong odor.

  • Nails

Moreover, your dog needs nail trimming, too; otherwise, it may harm them. You can schedule a trimming session once or twice a month. Also, ensure that your dog has big nails; it doesn’t click against the floor.

  • Oral health

Additionally, you also need to take good care of the oral health of your dog. You need to brush their teeth daily to maintain their oral hygiene. However, the breed is also prone to tartar buildup, so you must never compromise their brushing schedule. Besides, if you have trouble brushing your puppy’s teeth, you must consult the veterinarian so that he can guide you properly. Aside from that, dental chews also work wonders when it comes to tooth cleaning.

Helath issues of australian shepherd and husky mixed


The diet of your Australian shepherd husky mix varies depending on the size. You can formulate the diet according to the medium-sized breed keeping in mind their high energy levels. Also, your dog’s food may depend on its build, age, size, activity level, and metabolism. In addition, your pup’s diet will change as they grow; however, if you are still confused about the diet plan of your pup, you can check on the vet and ask for the diet plan. The vet may provide a specific dietary plan for your pup, which you can consult while feeding your pup.

Coat Color And Grooming

If we talk about the coat color of the Aussie resembles the coat colors of their parent’s Australian shepherd and Siberian huskies. You can find Australian shepherd husky mixes in black, white, brown, tan, and cream colors. However, it is not necessary that the pup can be found in a single color, but they can be a mixture of the two colors also.

Their coats vary in size from small to medium. However, people with allergies must stay away from these pups. The pups heavily shed, so you must keep a robotic vacuum at your place to easily de-shed the floor. However, their brushing needs must be fulfilled once every week. Moreover, frequent bathing may remove the essential oils from the coat of your pup; hence apply a little bit of shampoo all over your pup and then give them a clean bath.

Moreover, the pup is great at tolerating any weather, especially cold weather. The Siberian huskies belong to Russia, and they are great at bearing cold weather.

black and white australian shepherd husky mixed

Behavior With Children And Other Animals

Behaviour with children

The Aussie Siberians easily incorporate into any household with older children. But when it comes to younger children, they need strict supervision as they may tend to behave differently from small children. No doubt that the pup is extremely tolerant when it comes to kids, but still, they must not be left alone for a while. Even better, along with your pup’s training, you must train your children about the right ways to touch the pup.

The interaction between your pup and child must be supervised thoroughly. There must not be any ear biting or tail pulling between both the parties. However, your child must know that they are not supposed to approach the dog when they are eating or try to snatch away their food. This may frustrate the pup to a great extent, and they may react differently.

Behaviour with other dogs

Regarding socialization with other dogs, Aussie Siberians go well with other dogs if and only if they have been trained well and are provided with good socialization sessions. No doubt that these dogs are extremely affectionate towards strangers but still, the socialization classes may add more to their training. Moreover, socialization helps your pup understand how to treat other dogs and meet and greet them.

black and skin color aussie husky dog breed

Reasons Why You Should Not Opt For Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

There are a few reasons why you should not get going with adopting Aussie Siberian. They are as under:

  • Aussie Siberians are quite independent dogs, and they may also roam around the neighborhoods and escape the house easily. Furthermore, if they lack proper training, they may become stubborn
  • The pup heavily sheds hence increasing your daily routine cleaning tasks. Apart from that, the shedding may be toxic to people with allergies. The frequent shedding leads to an increase in the grooming activities of your pup.
  • The dog is highly active and unsuitable for families who are seldom available at home. At the same time, you should also not opt for this pup if you are a stay-at-home person. Therefore, only active owners can keep these pups as they can fulfill the needs of the pups.

3 Reasons Why You Should Probably Get An Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

Here are some reasons why you should consider buying Aussie Siberians without giving them a second thought:

  • Aussie Siberians are exceptionally intelligent pups. They are easy to handle if you start them from the beginning. Furthermore, they do not give you a tough time while training them. Interestingly, the pup has inherited intelligence from the parent breeds. The pup is desperate to learn new things and is quite good at grasping them.
  • The pup has a striking appearance and looks quite fierce. Besides, the fox-like breed has mixed combination eyes.
  • The dog can serve as an ideal watchdog. The dig is truly loyal to its owners. However, they have opposite feelings for the strangers in this regard.

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix For Sale

You will surely need to search well for an authentic breeder. Australian shepherd husky mix for sale is available at various rescue organizations. The reason why you should not opt for a seasonal breeder is that they might not know much about the breed. A professional breeder may help you know the complete details of the dog you wish to buy. Furthermore, the breeders may ensure the provision of the health record of the pup. Even more, they can help you guide the pup’s health problems also. Australian shepherd husky mix breeder are difficult to find, and you need to perform good research for the purpose.

White wolf type australian Husky shepherd mix full grown dog

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Cost

The price of an Aussie Siberian husky ranges from $500 to $1000. However, it is not appreciable to buy dogs from a pet store or an online store. The supply of such animals to such stores is under suboptimal conditions, which may be risky for the buyer. Australian shepherd husky mix puppies for adoption are available at many rescue shelters.


To conclude, the Australian shepherd husky mix is an intelligent dog and is the best protector for its owner. It has an ideal weight and height, making them adore the most. The dogs are quite amazing with families that have older children. However, supervision is a must if you have younger kids. Even more, the dog serves as a great watchdog for its owners. Besides, they are heavily shedding pets, and you must use a vacuum to clean the mess. Besides, it needs regular grooming once or twice a week. It is also important to take good care of your dog’s diet and hygiene. Australian shepherd husky mix cost depends on the breeder whom you consult


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