Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Good Dogs? or Not?


Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Good Dogs? or Not?

Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Good Dogs? With appropriate conditioning and socializing, the German shepherd husky mix may be exceptionally gentle friends and family guardians. It’s a great breed for busy families. As long as the dog is adequately taught, this breed’s intellect and guarding temperament might make it an excellent choice for families with kids.

German shepherd husky Mix is recognized for being clever, faithful, and watchful at times. They are also courageous and vigilant. All of this renders them the perfect guard dog. German shepherds are an ideal species for this work. let’s know further are German shepherd husky mix good dogs

Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Good Dogs

Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Good Dogs? – Characteristics

Average weight35 to 88 pounds
AppearanceLong head, pointy ears
DietHigh in protein
Life span13 to 15 years
Colorbrown and black, white and black
Height20 – 25 inches

About German Shepherd Husky Mix

Dog hybrids occur in various kinds, with a German Shepherd Husky Mix being among the most common. A German Shepherd Husky Mix is a hybrid dog who’s parents are a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. It is referred to as a composite breed or hybrid since it is the outcome of the purposeful crossbreeding of purebreds. Gerberian Shepsky is the most frequent name for these dogs. Gerberian Shepsky, you’re right! It may seem amusing, but it accurately characterizes these pets

Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Good Dogs - comparison


  • mixed breed dogs- Shepskies are a type of hybrid crossbred dog. They are not purebreds like their progenitors, the German Shepherd Dog and the Siberian Husky.
  • Color-Shepskies’ primary hues are black, brown, white, creamy, red, and blue. Their coverings are rarely uniform and are usually a combination of two or more shades.
  • Dense coat -Shepskies have long, thick hairs and are generally not advised for allergy sufferers. They have a lot of shedding.
  • High energy Shepskies have a great deal of energy and do not perform well in flats or houses where they are left alone for extended amounts of time.
  • Withstanding cold weather –Because these dogs’ ancestors came from cold locations, they are highly tolerant of cold weather.

Husky and German Shepherd Mix Personalities

  • Good guard dogs This trait was passed on to them from their parental figures. They might, however, be extreme barkers.
  • Intelligent. Because of their superior mental ability, they understand things faster than other breeds.
  • Loyal. They will prioritize you above themselves.
  • Affectionate. Because they are loving, they are well-liked. Please plan to spend the entire day petting them.
  • Friendly. These dogs get along nicely with other pets and people. They are going to trust.
  • Dignified. These creatures may be mischievous at times, but they are also quite polite.
  • Active and potent. They are active and require frequent coaching and practice. They need at least one stroll each day


German Shepherd Husky Mix puppies have characteristics of both German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. They are the epitome of a dog!

is a german shepherd husky mix a good dog?

They are well-known for their vigor. When they lack sufficient physiological and intellectual stimulation, German shepherd husky gets bored and occasionally malicious. As previously said, this hybrid is also clever, loving, playful, and highly trainable. A German Shepherd Husky Mix is an alpha dog who may get violent or misbehave if its master is not strict.


The Shepsky species is prone to the same health issues as the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. While most are typically healthy, some may be susceptible to a few medical concerns, which is why excellent care and frequent veterinarian exams are essential.

A few of the more prevalent health issues that Shepskys faces are as follows:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. This is a genetic disease that is commonly associated with the German Shepherd breed. The condition causes the dog’s joints to form incorrectly, and when this happens.
  • Cataracts. This is a health condition that is common with the Husky. It is also something that can be passed down to a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy. Cataracts are defined as imperfections in the lenses of the eyes and can seriously affect your dog’s vision and cause them to become disoriented.
  • Ear Infections. This is a problem that many German Shepherds face, but it is also a problem that is quite common in dogs, to begin with. Some suffer from allergies and other issues with their immune system, and these problems can cause a painful ear infection. 
  • Retinal Atrophy. Progressive retinal atrophy and juvenile cataracts can be found in most German Shepherd Husky mixes. However, each of these ailments can occur at a different time in your dog’s life, and each is also diagnosed differently.
are German Siberian husky Mix are good or bad dogs?

How to Train a German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy?

Is the German Shepherd Husky mix adaptive? The Husky, on the other hand, is noted for being extremely autonomous by design. They must make choices under the most dangerous situations of the darkest winter, and they are also rather clever.

So, while combining these two extremely intelligent dog breeds appears to make logic at first look, a Shepherd Husky mix may not be as easy to teach as expected. Combining a German Shepherd with a more pleasant Husky can undoubtedly assist.

Are They Hypoallergenic?

To create a hypoallergenic German Shepherd hybrid, a German Shepherd must be crossed with a hypoallergenic dog, such as a Poodle. It is the greatest well-known and often used hypoallergenic German Shepherd mix. Sheptese and German Yorkie Shepherd are two more German Shepherd hybrids that may be hypoallergenic.

Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Good Dogs - full guide

Are Cats and Dogs safe with this dog?

Many German Shepherds can get along just well with a dog and cat with adequate socializing and education. However, bear in consideration that various dogs may respond uniquely to their feline companions. Furthermore, just because they live with one cat does not imply that they will get along with other dogs and cats

Is Shepsky Good Guard Dog?

The Shepsky is a hybrid between the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky dog species. They also serve as worker dogs. They have a record of doing security jobs, police duty, seeking and rescuing activities, and military actions because of their exceptional intellect and alert temperament.


The cost of a Siberian Husky German Shepherd puppy is a deciding element for many buyers looking for a giant breed. Owning a dog with Siberian Husky or German Shepherd ancestry might be prohibitively expensive for many first-time adopters.

Fortunately for them, the Siberian Husky German Shepherd is a reasonably priced dog. A reputable breeder will sell you a German shepherd husky mix price for $400 to $500.


On average, the bigger a breed, the shorter its typical lifetime. For example, Chihuahuas may live for 15 years more than, but Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds can only survive for 7 or 8 years.

Shepherds and Huskies have typical lifespans of around 9 to 12 and 10 to 15, accordingly, and their pups are expected to have lifespans near the upper end of this span.

Just be careful to maintain excellent care of your newest Gerberian Shepsky, covering his bodily and mental well-being, and he’ll be around for an extended period.

How Big Are Shepsky Mix?

The breed standard for the German Shepherd mentions the following:

Male – Height: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm) | Weight: 66-88 lbs (30-40 kg)

Female – Height: 22-24 in (55-60 cm) | Weight: 49-71 lbs (22-32kg)

German Shepherd Husky Mix: What To Expect


Is German Shepherd Husky Mix Aggressive?

The Combination. Gerberian Shepskies is the perfect dog since they have characteristics of both huskies and German Shepherds. This mix is obedient, clever, fun, and simple to teach. However, a German Shepsky is an Alpha dog by nature, and if the master is not strict, the dog may become violent or do its way.

Are Husky Mixes Good Family Dogs?

These dogs adore humans and enjoy playing, rendering them an ideal family companion and welcome addition to many homes. However, the Husky has relatively high care requirements and requires a lot of activity and diet.

A Gerberian Shepsky, a cross between two service dog species, will be full of activity and intelligence. If appropriately encouraged, they become bright dogs with a passion for learning and a profound commitment to their masters. They are also extremely alert and observant.

How Big Will Gerberian  Shepsky Get

A German Shepherd Husky mix will be between 20 and 25 inches tall. This is mainly determined by which genomic ancestor it prefers. German Shepherds are known to be on the higher side, so if this progenitor is passed along, you may predict a dog with a bit extra height.

Are Shepskins Hard To Train?

A German Shepherd and Husky Mix is a very bright breed eager to understand and love its owner. They are also relatively easy to train. However, when these dogs are not adequately taught, they might develop behaviors that cause their masters to grit their teeth and tear their hair out. Therefore, it would be great if you avoid your dog from doing several things, ranging from excessive howling to breaking stuff over to biting on shoes.

Are German Shepherd Husky Mix Easy To Train?

A German Shepherd and Husky mix are highly responsive to verbal instructions, making training considerably more effective and straightforward. Begin etiquette training at a young age to avoid unpleasant behaviors from emerging and to ensure that both you and your dog have a good life together.

Is Gerberian Shepsky Aggressive?

Trying to keep up with a Gerberian Shepsky, on the other hand, is no easy feat. Their main characteristic is their extraordinary degree of energy. Consequently, it takes a top-tier operator to balance their attitude to that of their pet correctly.


We believe this information has served you to understand more about the Shepherd Husky combination and are german Shepherd husky mix good dogs. Just keep in mind what your new puppy will require and be practical about the quantity of energy and money you have to devote before taking one home.


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