Akita German Shepherd Husky Mix (The Shepkita)

Akita german shepherd husky mix

Akita German Shepherd Husky Mix (The Shepkita)

Akita German Shepherd Husky Mix dog is also known as Shepkita. Are you fond of keeping dogs at your home? Why not buy the Akita husky breed, which is a mixed dog breed. Aside from that, it is a mixture of two types of species, Akita and Siberian husky dog breeds. The Akita husky mix is popular because of its qualities, like a giant, loyal, and energetic breed. In addition to this, this breed takes good points from both of its parents. Shepkita is a wonderful breed for security concerns.

Akita shepsky mix

The reason people admire these Akita husky breeds is that they are way more loyal and protective.  Besides that, the more incredible feature of these dogs is that they are famous for working and are known as working dogs also.

They have a kind of alert nature so that you can use them as guards and police dogs. Isn’t that wonderful? Do you want a therapy dog? Then Akita husky mixes are the perfect dogs for you as they can provide your ideal company when you are alone.

Akita gerberian shepsky

Huskita loves doing work, so whenever they are working, they are happy. Once they feel as if they don’t have anything to do, they become destructive and uncontrollable. Apart from that, they are happy living in an apartment only if they do many exercises outdoors.


Dog breed group Mixed breed dogs
Height 20-25 inches
Coat Black & Tan
Weight 45 to 88 pounds
Energy Level Highly energetic
Eyes Likely brown
Life span 10-14 years

Shepkita Puppy

German shepherds, as we all know, are the most intelligent and versatile dogs—moreover, the mixture of a german shepherd with Siberian husky results in a german shepherd husky mix. Akita german shepherd mix puppy is a fantastic breed for not only catering to your security needs but also keeps entertaining you.

Akita german shepherd mix puppy

Aside from that, the mix of both breeds provides the best outcomes as these pups are way more attractive than the shepherd and more trainable than the husky dogs. Furthermore, if you socialize and regularly train these dogs, they are no better than other dog breeds. Also, when it comes to safety, they are perfect bodyguards for you and your home.

Interesting facts about Black Shepkita

Lets us talk about some of the versatile facts about the black Akita german shepherd mix:

  • It is a famous saying that German shepherd husky mixes are the most protective and guarding dogs. Also, you can adopt this breed for security reasons because nono other dog breed can safeguard you and your belongings like german shepherd husky mix dogs.
  • German shepherd husky mix dogs bind with one person at a time, but they still protect all the other members. Also, you can train them to bond evenly with all the rest of the members.
  • German shepherd husky mix dogs love working. You can assign them the task, and they accomplish it happily. They don’t like being free. You can give them the following tasks such as Schutzhund, agility, herding trials, fly ball, and other search rescue type tasks.
  • German shepherd husky mixes are popularly known as working dogs. Once they start feeling bored, they start destroying things around them. They might bark and dig too.

Akita shepsky mixed

Price for Puppy

The mixture of two breeds makes these dogs even more powerful. Even more, this breed has a lot of hairs and looks attractive with their unique looks. Aside from that, an Akita German Shepherd mix price ranges between $450 to $650.


To make this article more interesting, let us talk about some of the main attributes of the Akita german shepherd husky mix.

  • Size

Akita german shepherd husky mix is a mixture of two breeds, and so the size ranges from medium to large. Apart from that, most of these breeds weigh from 45 to 88 pounds, and their height ranges from 20 to 25 inches. However, most of them can be even more minor or more significant from this estimated weight and height.

  • Personality

These Breeds are the most active and playful dogs. Moreover, the owners of these dogs always have good words to say about this breed.

Furthermore, they are medium in size and the most energetic dogs of the entire dog breeds, which stand out in the crowd. These dogs are working dogs and need work all the time. They never get tired neither they like boredom.

Gerberian Shepsky Akita Husky Mix

  • Health

Shepsky breeds have some similar health conditions, such as german shepherd and Siberian husky. The majority of these breeds are healthy. However, some of them might have some health issues, and due to this reason, you need to take them for regular veterinary checkups. Unfortunately, some of the health issues that shepsky may be prone to are:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Patellar Luxation

Regular visits to the veterinarian may help your dog overcome any earlier health issues. Apart from that, overfeeding your dog can result in severe consequences. Feed them in limited amounts and keep them active by assigning them tasks.

  • Care

Proper care is needed for your Shepsky similar to that you do for other breeds. Regular veterinary checkups are mandatory to detect any hidden issues you Shepsky may encounter, and you are not aware of them.  Also, your pet’s vet can help you set routine care, which you can follow to keep your dog healthy. Shepksy quickly gains weight and the most energetic dogs from other similar breeds.

An hour of exercise is great to charge them for an entire day. Even more, these dogs need open parks and wide spaces where they can freely roam around and play. Notably, make sure to clean their ears regularly and check for pests and debris. Even more, keep your pet’s nails trimmed all the time as recommended by your vet, as more giant nails commonly spread more bacteria.

  • Feeding

A diet plan if the shepsky must be set according to the diet plan of a medium-sized breed. Also, regular exercise must be made part of the diet. Aside from that, you must consult your veterinarian for the right portions of food for your dog. Do not forget that the dog’s diet plan changes from babyhood to adulthood and adulthood to seniorhood.

Special care is required to cater to the needs of your dogs. You can never leave your dog unattended. Your dogs need your precious time, and shepherds are more likely game players. Aside from that, the German shepherds grow rapidly from four months to seven months. 


Before deciding about the Akita Shepherd mix for adoption, you must be well aware that a dog requires more time and commitment. Not only that, but you have to spend a significant amount of money to take proper care of your dogs. Also, adopting adult dogs may be pretty tricky because they are ready to get trained and quite active too. They are energetic to an extent; they want to keep working and busy with different tasks. Also, different trainers are there to socialize these dogs and quickly get used to them.

Akita Shepherd Mixed Dog Breed Pictures

Furthermore, the German shepherd Akita mix lifespan is about 10-14 years. Akita german shepherd mix for sale can also be available near you. It is just that you have to look for people who are selling such breeds.


1. How big will a German shepherd Akita mix get?

German shepherd Akita mix is a new breed which is a mixture of two breeds and advanced. Moreover, some breeds weigh around 75 pounds to 120 pounds. Even more, the height of these breeds is 24 to 28 inches from the shoulders.

2.  Are Akitas good with kids?

Aktas are only good with their owners and with the household they live in. Also, Akitas do not show much love to other dogs, especially those of similar sex. If these dogs are well trained, then they can socialize with other people too. Akitas live with kids and are fond of playing with them. They interact with kids too to have a wonderful time.

3.  How long do Akita mixes live?

The German shepherd Akita mix lifespan ranges from 10-12 years.

4.  Are German shepherd husky mix good dogs?

German shepherd husky mix dogs are good with kids. However, if they are well-trained, then they can be good with other people too. Moreover, these dogs are way more intelligent and loyal to their owners. Also, these types of breeds are playful, entertaining, and pleasant to be around. Akita German shepherd mix is an incredible breed if you own it.

5.  Are German shepherd husky mix aggressive?

These dogs need attention from their owners. However, if they do not get the desired concentration, they may damage their surroundings and disturb their owner. Also, they may dig and bark when they are concerned.

6.  How much is a German shepherd Akita mix?

The prices of such breeds differ from puppy to puppy. A well-trained dog may be more demanding, and their prices are also high compared to the less trained dogs.


Akita german shepherd husky mix is a great dog if you want to keep it as a security or bodyguard. Moreover, Akitas are lovely dogs and friendly too. Aside from that, you can train them well for socializing purposes, and they will indeed be loyal to you and other family members. Also, the Akita german shepherd husky mix is a mixture of two breeds that combine to form a wonderful breed ahead.


  • Leonard C. Santistevan

    Leonard is a passionate dog lover and experienced writer who focuses on Shepskies, a crossbreed between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. With a keen interest in dog behavior and training, Leonard has dedicated their career to educating Shepsky owners about the unique traits of this intelligent and active breed. Leonard's articles provide valuable insight into Shepsky health, nutrition, and exercise needs, and offer practical tips for teaching them new tricks and improving their socialization skills.

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